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March '08 Desktops

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Seeing as this is Aqua-Soft, I re-did my Ubuntu Gutsy desktop Tiger-style for old time's sake (and for fun, of course). As always. Just for fun, here are the details. :P

How did you manage to get Nautilus to display everything in a row?

Edit: Okay, it's Thunar. Should have read the linked info.

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love the shot bro its almost leopard perfect OMG i think im in love :P or jealous lol how long did it take you to get it like


Hey a reminder. Think I'll post this in every post that violates this rule this month. -SirSmiley

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Hey whats the calender+cpu stat reading program your using? Is it Rainlender?

Also, is that a VS or WB your using? On what OS I might add.

Using HmmXP on Windows. The side is based on systats vertical calender under avedesk with MBM running to provide temperature readings.

Although I've been though dozens of themes I've found HmmXP (modded to white background and 1 px) most practical for long term use.

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