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Safari browser question

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im getting confused with the mime type plug-in in safari.

i dont know too much about safari bcause im a PC windows user

but i installed the browser.

where can i download the plug in for that mime type plug-in?

javascripts dus'nt load when im using safari browsing some sites.

ok the thing that confuses me is that i tried to search for the plug in

and i saw this MAC support something.

so does that mean i cant use that plug in bcause the mime type only works in MAC and not for windows?

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Also, if you didn't have Safari installed when you installed JAVA support, the plug in will not be available for Safari.

Re-install JAVA and you will get the plug in.

And as Schmrom mentioned, JAVA and JavaScript are not the same thing, but when you install JAVA, you should get the MIME interpreter.

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Mime type says javascripts right? and the website im viewing loads with javascripts.

ofcourse i know java is not javascript.

yeah my Java 6 update 2 was already installed before i installed safari.

ok i'll try to re-install it again.

...screw safari... it sucks in windows i suppose.. sometimes when i browse a site it says it cant load and i have to refresh 3-4 times just for that site to respond.

stupid stupid safari. i thot t'was cool. maybe the installer i've downloaded still has some bugs.

thot t'was the latest.

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rjohnstone, Java and JavaScript have absolutely nothing to do with each other, aside from the syntactical similarities.

Where in any of my posts did I say differently?

Reinstalling a JVM client (SUN JAVA being one of them) has been known to fix minor issues with web browser functionality.

One of those being the MIME handler for web sites using embedded JAVA and /or JavaScript that calls a .js file.

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