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Real Reflective Dock Mission Statement and Download

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well, when I tried to run it on xp(sp2), nothing worked, just a semi-flashing dock, with icons that were unmovable and unusable. after which it froze my computer and had to ctrl alt delete my way out of the dock. (luckily this was my work computer) :)

Yes, that is what it is right now... its just a mock up, its not a dock yet.

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Then the icon would have to be Bugs Bunny.

Don't think you'll get away with that, WB would be all over you like a bad rash.

Maybe one of the graphic guys could come up with a cool bunny icon. ;)

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I dont have much of an idea for a name of the dock, but I did notice a page or so back in the thread that people were asking about 2D support. I don't program, but I can offer some graphics if you are interested. I've already made two themes for Object Dock, which should be easily ported..



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Obviously, the tiles and tabs wouldn't work. But as you can see from the previews there are a few different zoomer skins I've made, which could look good as some variations for people to choose from. From the preview you can see 5 different 3d styles (dark, light, wood, brushed metal, and diamond plating) and 2 different 2d styles (light and dark).

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Everyone, please remember this thread is not for posting names for the dock, bugs only. Please use the poll thread set up for the dock to suggest names.



Bugs? With what? RKL?

Why not just check the RKL forum then?

Tons of bugs posted there.

Naming Rant:

Whats wrong with calling it RKL 2.0? (other than RK isn't developing it, and there was never a 1.0)

I mean, it is based off of the RKL source.

Could always be something like,


-Formerly RKLauncher

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