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Where can I locate my temporary internet files folder? im using IE7

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i have 3 browsers

my default browser is IE7 and i have firefox and safari.

in my IE7 i cant find my temporary internet files

before im able to locate them in my previous browser IE5

C:Documents and SettingsnameLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5

now i cant seem to find this in IE7

does anyone know how?

or in firefox or safari too.

im looking for it bcause i want to get the .flv and .swf files i get when i go to youtube or other websites.

need help please.

Thread moved to correct forum. Title edited. -SirSmiley

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i already set my settings to show hidden files and folders.

but when i go here

C:Documents and SettingsnameLocal Settings

theres no Temporary Internet Files folder


about the firefox

ok how do you save files such as .swf? i've installed the download embedded add-on on my firefox2. but when i tried to save the .swf file i want on some sites i dont see any save options when i right-click on the flash images.

lol how can this be.. omg.

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