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Showcase Hot Spot Activation

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Is there anyone out there who is able to possibly develop hot spot activation to initiate the showcase. I just think this would be a bit more convenient then using the hot keys. I'm not a programmer so the scope of this project is beyond me but I just think it would be a cool feature whether it be a module or an avescript or something along those lines. Anyone else think this could be cool?

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Thanks for the info. I didn't even realize that effectlet was there. But of course it didn't work. I receive two error messages. The first appears as soon as I set the effect to Alternative Showcase. The message is:

C:Program FilesAveDesk13EffectsShowcaseShowcase.effectlet (24) error 800a01ad: ActiveX component can't create object: 'AveDesk.Application'

And the second error message occurs after setting the effect and then hovering over the approprate icon.

C:Program FilesAveDesk13EffectsShowcaseShowcase.effectlet (29) error 800a01a8: Object required: 'AveDesk'

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