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My Mac Pro Penyrn 8_Core has arrived

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Just ordered mine, had to kinda gimp it :(

2.8GHz 2 Quad Core (8-Core)

512MB 8800GT

320GB Hard Drives

2GB Ram

AirPort Extreme

Wired KB/Mouse

Just wasted all my money on the machine, and have nothing left for a display.

So all I need is a new monitor, speakers, 2gb more ram, and another hd.


Cool can't wait for your unboxing enjoy

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Its not about thinking that what am i to do with all the power that my machine has:

1. The feeling that you have a machine with such power makes you feel on top of others, enthusiastic on how to over the beast!

2. The power is experienced only when you are using apps that require power. Not if you are just browsing stuff and IM'ing.

ofcrse, if i am not wrong, but thats just me! :P


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