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Removing the Toshiba dock-thing...

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It would be great to know, how to remove this damn thing, cause it does not help me anyway, but is visible on some movie players (like GOM player or PowerDVD), on the black part of the screen.

@Sir Pimpalot

your link is just to identify & kill the process of recognizing flash cards, but this process I need to have working (USB pen drives, flash cards of different kinds, etc. etc.)

My notebook is quite new. It's a TOSHIBA Satellite A200-10w.


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What is it?

Its called Toshiba Flash Cards...as I'm sure you probably know...

Whats it do?

It gives shortcuts to things like power management and the such, basically an on-screen version of the function+f 1-12 combination

Whats it for?

its really more aimed @ people with tablet pc's, in order to improve functionality while the screen is rotated around and is covering the keyboard

How to stop it?

Vista: 1st End the process as stated above

2nd Remove from the "Startup" folder in the "Start->All Programs" menu

3rd Uncheck it from the startup programs in control panel, and MSConfig

4th Restart

5th Enjoy a flash card free computer!

I own a Toshiba and it really is alot easier to just use the function keys when you don't have a tablet PC...lawlz

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