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Styler's behavior >:=\

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hmm...development for styler stopped a long time back (mid 2006). last version is 1.401. the thing with these programs is that there will always be resource or system issues with newer apps and individual pc setups. So in troubleshooting, you have to consider your OS (and version), applications you have running etc. your installer might be corrupted, so try downloading from other sites the latest version. also try using other skins.

you'll just have to be patient, somebody might come along with the answer, or, try other apps such as QT tab bar, where development and support is still very active.

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How about a few more detailed specs ?

What applications are you running ?

What version of Styler do you have and have you tried to apply another theme?

The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to determine the cause. ;)

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You've not said if your getting the same result using a different theme/style.

Also what styler theme are you using, if you can post a link to it, I/we can load it to see if we get the same result, it might be corrupted in some way.

When you open Styler, have you ticked either of the hide menubar options? On the info pane have you ticked the styler TB mode?

Last but not least have you tried running Styler without Objectbar?

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^^ a lot of sensible recommendations above, do follow all of them.

also from your hijackthis log, many processes running (woot!). you can try this. first disable/disconnect internet connection. then kill all extra processes via task manager, including security apps. just retain the basics. then open Styler...

btw you have PunkBuster on your windows/system32. shouldn't you be concerned? did you allow that?

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