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Buuf Deuce - Zip (PNG) and IP (IconPackger)

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One of my all-time favorite icons sets is Buuf by mattahan. They have an amazing quirky style that looks almost like they're molded out of clay, and the names for the files are hilarious. Well, turns out mattahan is at it again with a second Buuf set, and at Shellscape we have converted it for use with IconPackager, and provided a download with the original images in 128x128 png format.


The download is 100% free and we encourage you to support mattahan (donate link is on the follow page). You can snag it here.

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there's another iconset by manhattan with over 1500 icons.

i got in my computer, it's simply amazing! there's no apps you can't find an icon that fits.

the're not "normal" , but that's manhattan idea, to change...

i put a screenshot so you can see my dock.

if there's interest i can put here the link to download.


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