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February '08 Desktops

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had to format my desktop last month after a BSOD problem, and I decided to go with non aqua again


theme is Pristine OS 1.1 for Windowblinds

wallpaper is a pic looking across the Elk River just below the Tims Ford Dam near Lynchburg Tennessee (taken myself in 2006)

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I just love the colors in this one.

Visual Style: Tuxido XP (sic), by lassekongo83 (some mods by me)

Wallpaper: Royal Flower, from k10k.net

Foobar: 9.5.1 beta, with silk icons

Dock: RK Launcher, default BG modded

Dock Icons: Various, feel free to ask

Btw, some people may have noticed that I always have most of the same icons in my screenshots. I've come to the point where I really like using the icons that I have, so I keep most of them regardless of the theme I'm using. I do tend to change my Docs folder, recycle bin, and Lino chat icon to match though.

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