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February '08 Desktops

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Mac Intosh, where can I get that theme for Rumshot?

Rumshot... I actually just make the previews myself... and I'm not on windows so I can't use Rumshot... I just take the MacBook and then find out how wide the screen is in pixels and then resize the screenshot to fit in it and then for the quicklook I actually quicklook the screenshot and then zoom in and then take a screenshot of my screenshot in quicklook...

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It's because you haven't done enough posts yet.

Start a flame thread, such as "Why are iPhones so insanely priced?". Give a reply to everyone who replies the post. Soon enough you'll have posted enough replies to be allowed to post links and images.

Just some tips: don't use agressive language or you'll get banned. Don't start a thread named "How do I install Mac OS X in a PC?".

Ok ok, just kidding ;) ask a moderator, there must be a good reason for that. I don't remember having that problem.

Anyways you can also post the link as something like this:


I mean hxxp:// instead of http://, and explain that you are getting the error (hopefully a moderator will edit it) ;)

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When I try to post my desk , I get this error message :

You can not post links or images at this time. Please edit your post.

What mean this ? :D

You have to post a certain number of posts before you can post images.

The Admin's had to enable it because of some spammers.

Specially thanks go out to that douchebag BagBoy for spamming the forums.

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