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Just a great day!

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Today has been just great! My new t-mobile phone came today (The Wing). The work day is a breeze. I look at my e-mail and I see a e-mail from starbucks saying they just put 5 bux on my starbucks card and a e-mail from capital one sayin that I get a 35% discount from H&R Block for my taxes!!

Is anyone else having a very wonderful day?

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It's being raining a lot here. That's great (I love rain).

However there is a Yang for every Ging (don't know if it is misspelled) and in my case I have my boss to compensate :( but I'm gonna in summer vacations soon (I mean summer 'cause I'm in south hemisphere here hehe).

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I've been having some pretty good days myself. I just started a new semester, which is always exciting. I have a lot of work to do at my job but I love my job so that's not a problem. I came back from a mini-vacation I took last week to visit my sister so I feel relaxed. I broke my caffeine addiction, finally :-)

The only thing that's rained on my parade is the fact that I'm broke and I have to buy textbooks for hundreds of dollars :-(

I'm glad to see you guys have been having good days!

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i had a good day to.

having lunch today, raining really hard and the barn (work on a farm park) the rain started flooding the place hehe was well fun so glad i had lots of red bull, had to move heavy wooden tables & my tickets for my next gig, Turisas, arrived today :D & saw bullet for my valentine last night :D (still happpy about that!!)

woopie best day for ages.

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Posting in this thread seems to give good luck... today my boss (by no apparent reason) paid a barbecue for all the employees, then he had to go to some meeting so he couldn't stay.

So, I had a barbecue at job with all my mates and only them. Of course just to make it a complete day I bought myself an ice cream when the barbecue finished. ;)

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In 1/4 of an hour the boss is handing out coffee & cake, I'm getting stuck into QTTabBar & QTAddressBar, Matonga's stack docklet is working like a charm, I get to read humorous stuff from SirSmiley, my kids & wife are happy & healthy, and I'm listening to Radiohead's "In Rainbows" (.flac format)...

How could I be anything but happy??

Cheers to all! :-)

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