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My Hunt for Camera.

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Hey guys,

I had a Sony Cybershot DSC W-55, which i recently lost on my trip to Colombo. Just for the small bit I took the normal disposable cams which would do the job. Now I am in search of a Camera which is same or better than the camera i had before.

Should I buy the same camera as before. I am getting the same camera for KWD 65 (~$239). My budget for a new camera variable depend on two conditions.

1. If its a normal Digi-cam as the one i had before then my budget is $250 (KWD 70)

2. If the camera is an SLR camera or something which has more functions. then my budget can bump upto $295 (KWD 80).

Please help.



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well intially i suggested to bump up my budget to ~$295 if the camera was a DSLR. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT seems pretty convincing to me. But now i have another camera which is the Canon PowerShot A530 in mind. What do you guys say because the reviews for the powershot arent bad either.

And should i totally ignore the chance of buying the Cybershot DSC-W55?

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^^ wtf???

I would go for Digital SLR if you have the money, i recon the best ones are Canon EOS 400D, Nikon D40, Nikon D300.

Or you could look at the bridge cameras.

Quite a good range there, like the Fuji Finepix series. i have the S9600, got a good zoom, 20-300mm (eq 30MM)

but crap @ anything higher than 800ISO.

this is a great website, loads of information on new, old and cameras which are soon to be releced....


If you have no budget at all i would go for this only

£5498.99. I think its an awesome camera. Slightly over priced.

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@ Jammy, MacIntosh, Bjorn. What you guys are suggesting me are way above my budget. I mean when you buy them from kuwait. Its different here from what you guys buy out there. From what i checked the best price on the net for the Canon Powershot A550 is $135.

And for the same camera the local price is KWD 88 (~$240). which is just under the double. Now what do you guys suggest. Should i order it online and pay for the delivy charges which will cost me the same.. or should i ask someone to purchase it for me and send it here. or should i buy the camera from here itself?(powershot a550)

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