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Confused, need recomendations

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Im trying to make a website in dreamweaver, not going well only no a little HTML. I know ilife is easy to create photography websites, with nice flashy gallerys. So i'm gunna have to get one of them to make the website.(dont have enough time to learn, css, flash, java)... so which mac would you recommend?

i only want it for Ilife, nothing else (apart from storage) which mac would you recommend?

Imac - £800 <-- a bit extreme for just wanting it for Ilife...

Mac Mini - £400 <-- slightly better. But still over priced.

Or would i be better off buying a Laptop. as it has built in wireless...? and possably better graphics chip scrap that way to expensive.

(I dont have a computer which will allow me to have a hackintosh :()

Which one of them would you recommend in having? and the better one as well.



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I'm a little confused; rather than learning a talent like html which can be used in a pile of jobs your just going to buy a mac?! Thats very extreme. But than again a mac is always a good investment.

Dreamweaver in Design view is literary just drop, drag and publish, its just a bit more hands on than iweb. iWeb is really nice, especially for newbs which I'm sure is the appeal no need for hands on editing, cropping, thumb images, gallerys and everything youve always listed, etc.

If moneys an issues take a day or two and read http://w3schools.com/ it can teach you how to write basic html in little to no time at all. If your set on a mac, the mini would be fine espically if you have your own hardware (to save $). Thats just my thoughts

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But im going into the animal care industry, so i wont need that much html nollage . (and side part, computer graphics design, and C++ game programming)

but i know how to make websites in dream weaver (using design view, i think i should have said that in original posts) but the problem is getting a nice looking photography website. (main hobby and want to sell stuff, wont sell if website looks crap)

only ones i managed to produce are crappy ones which look like blogs (hate blogs)

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If you just want a Mac for iLife (weird, but hey it's your money), get a senior Mac Mini G4. I'm sure you'd find one w/ Tiger for around $250-$400 (USD). My grandfather bought one for a bargained $170, 512MB RAM and the works. The guy who sold it never heard the words "Operating System reinstall" used in one language ;).

You'd probably find n00bs like that on ebay anywhere...

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I have a friend who has a Mac Mini, and he uses it for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Office ect. So it is really powerful. If you're going to be using it for iLife and general usage, the Mini is a great way to go, especially if you already have a USB mouse and keyboard along with a monitor.

If you want to use iMovie, a G4 Mac Mini will not work, so your best to stay with an Intel Mac.

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