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Vista - I'm in. :)


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i just move to vista for a try.

the only thing that is different is free windowfx thingy .. if you get what i mean. aero...

yes kina lag... the best i can get is 46% of physical memory with a 1gb ram.

maybe it is not good for me because i m using pata harddisk with sata controller.

anyways heres how my desktop lookie


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I've been using it for quite a while now and love it. Better than XP and Leopard IMO. (not as good as Tiger or Ubuntu though.)

I really like the way it handles non-responsive programs and multitasking, the new explorer and indexed search is better, Aero is nice too, but it grows on you after a while and you start to dislike it. I absolutely hate the default icons, sidebar, and defender (which I keep turned off) though.

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Actually, its impossible. RC1 has a time limit on it, which ended last year in July I believe. Maybe he meant RC1 of SP1?

Hmmmm... you're right... either he meant SP1 or probably he is using *ahem* version. ;)

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I've got to say I enjoy using Vista so much more than I do XP, personally I find it to be a far better OS. Though I have to agree with Sir Pimpalot, there are a few things you develop a disliking for.

But... I made the move to OSX Leopard just before Christmas and haven't used Vista much since then. It only ever gets used when I play games.

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And most of those people are using Leopard on systems that meet the required specs instead of something from '01, so they don't complain. ;)

Yeah they don't say anyhing when it won't run on their G3 if they patched the dvd. It's like "there has to be a reason for my G3 to be blacklisted for Leopard install"

Apple limit OSes to the not so old machines so no one complains but if Microsoft did ... But that would get rid of the complains "zomg Vista is slooow on 256mb M$ sucks woot lool"

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