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Am I the only one who likes Windows?

Guest potatocake

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I'm running Leopard, but yeah, I like Vista (can't live without indexed searching integrated, too bad the lawyers are against this -_-), and I like XP + Blackbox too (haven't tried blackbox on Vista yet)

Dont try bb on Vista, you'll get plenty of issues concering wallpapers, crashing, ect. Same thing with litestep.

I have used Tiger, Vista, and XP so far... I perfer using the mac, but I'm stuck with windows. I like Windows XP, but it's not my ideal OS. And Vista... Oh, god.. Vista. :|

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a good topic.

windows has a better operating system in general functions, whereas mac has the better GUI.

I would say that a mac is better for the computer illiterate.

It would be easier for them to run since mac's are plug and play.

Personally, if Linux develops a better OS then what they've had then I wouldn't mind everyone switching to it.

I think it would be ridiculous to stick Linux in the schools. Teens are becoming more tech savvy and will know how to screw with Linux.

personally i think Windows is still my favorite.

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That will never happen, there is no way M$ would let mac use their shell files unless mac pay them or someone make a modification that allows EXE's to be run inside a mac interface. :P

There is. I can't remember what the program is, but it's a modification of WINE which allows Windows programs to run directly inside Mac OS X. It's only for Intel Macs, however, and I'm not sure how well it works on Leopard (last time I ran it was on Tiger).

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And there is this one... parallels? I don't remember... which let's you run Windows emulation inside a Mac, but without the Windows desktop inside a Mac Window, instead it shows Windows app's windows side by side with Mac OS windows... I remember I saw a screenshot of this.


Yes, there is, here it is a screenshot:


It's Coherence, from Parallels, or something like that.

More screenshots here:


(note: has screenshots of Windows and Mac versions running Mac and Windows software in turn)

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Crossover lets you run .exes directly in Mac OS X. With Parallels you get a better compatibility but you need to run the whole system ;)

(Works really better with Leopard. I guess they aren't lying when they say thet they have got an huge speed boost because on an bugfix on Apple's side.)

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i HATE WINDOWS!!!!!!!! its to BUGGY,] to UGLY!!!, and to SLOW!!!

just because i dont have any money right now but if i did i would have a MAC!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i love their looks, their system, but most of all how they look so Elegant in white!! XD

but once i get my Mac [when i get money] ima through my fu**in Windows [eMachines] out my fu**ing Window lol :P hehe

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I like Windows for many reasons. For egz. Video Games. Sure there are game that work on Linux OS but does ALL of them work?

And bugs? Since XP SP3 was released i had ONE BSOD and got it because i tested beta video drivers :)

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But XP SP3 is far better developed than Vista. Even Microsoft release W7 in 2009 only three years after Vista.

BTW I have Vista lying on the shelf and running XP. (with Leopard GUI, which is the best you can think of)

I cannot stand how Vista controlls you,

how incompatible it is to many things (hard and software),

the virtual folders (I want to have my files where I put it and not in any virtual path; that´s how you loose data)

and most of all the looks of it. It´s so overloaded with colors, transparency and blur, you cannot find a thing.

The GUI really the bad opposite to Leopard.

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I love Windows because:

- It can be themed to look like a Mac.

- Lot's of apps exist to make it look more like a Mac.

- I know how to write apps to make it look like a Mac.


Now I need to learn more about carpentry and painting, to make my own LCD case and put the motherboard inside :P

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