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bLend v - seamless transparency app

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Hi there, excellent app :)

After what Matonga said, is there a way that this app (in Vista) can do this ?


rather than just this


You see, the windows does bLend in, but it sometimes is inconvenient :(

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glad u liked it :D

after doing bLend I have been asked this same question about the blur effect many times in many ways . I myself also have thought this many times . I now have the conclusion that is , this effect will require me to do a full desktop window manager . Tremendous workload and maybe not many takers :P Tho there maybe ways I dont Know of .....

For doing this kind of a project u need a full array of programmers . for example :- Compiz in linux

Vista has its own DWM which maybe I can use someday .

But the benefits of doing a new DWM are infact tremendous , thru which we can get the best effects of al OS'es , windows has been missing (eg: sticky windows in ubuntu etc.) But I alone with my limited knowledge can do nothing :(

[ps: I am not even a graduate still :P]

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How can I make just the taskbar and start menu (plus contents) transparent. I know how to make the taskbar, but not the start menu Thanks.

To make start menu transparent , add this window class to the list and adjust the transparency u need ;)

" DV2ControlHost "

[p.s.- U may check the windowclass of startmenu (just google it) . As far as I know it is only this]

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Thank you so much! only problem is: i'm using window blinds...

but just to be clear, if i drag the "Apple Update" Icon onto the Windows Frame of the Explorer window, it'll come up like "N_Frame" or something, right? and then i can adjust the transparency of the frame ONLY to my liking?

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nice app!

works well, and a minute ago it actually worked a bit too well.. i accidentally set all windows to a 1% visibility..

even taskmanager!

luckily, with the help of the small previews of opened windows on vista, i managed to get to an earlier restore point.

so im just warning people to use this app very carefully, and be smarter than i am:)

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hey buddy~ your app has been featured on lifehacker:


..let the google ad revenue begin! ;)


He! thats very nice of u to let me know :D Dont know why people are saying it needs installation ?!?!

But it sure feels good (Y)

And google ads are bull-shit . I got 4000 pageviews of my site in a month and all I have got is about $15 :P fu**ing bull-shit actually ;)

offtopic to firecracker6 -> i am still waiting for tengshj to rep to my pm :( witout his help I cant put DExposE2 prob right :(

So I meant to say to u .... "sorry !!"

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I'm using this with Windowblinds. When I set transparency to all, it works seamlessly. However, I don't want transparency to all (it's annoying in a lot of apps, like photoshop, firefox, anything with large amounts of textual data), but I do want it in Windows explorer. However, if I set EXPLORER.EXE to transparency and turn off transparency for everything, the desktop wallpaper becomes transparent, some windows become transparent, but a lot of them become invisible, and trying to fix this often causes explorer to crash.

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hey my friend, great job on this app! Listen, I have one question. I am on Vista Business SP1, usual specs for 2 yr old box.....I really like the way the app works but one thing. Somehow it is diverting focus? Like I'll be browsing a thread (like this) and click+hold scroll bar on the right to scroll down, blend steals focus for some reason, now I have to click again.

Another example is I have rotating time (in Windows) screensaver I use. It never comes on while blend is running. I disable blend and ss comes back. I'm thinking the focus stealing is interpreted as activity so ss doesn't get to set properly.

The only window I have set for blend to use is Explorer. Have you noticed this? It really is a great program.

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well this app makes the whole window transparent

and since I am still relatively new to window programming

maybe i dont know how to make the "titlebar only" transparent

( i am taking for granted that you have already used "True transparency"

or "Windowblinds" ) thanks anyway i will try

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Hey, I'm loving the program. Not sure if you still have anything to do with it this far down the track but there's one thing I've noticed with it. If I set a video as my windows background using VLC media player the programs cease to be transparent and are instead just darker, much like if you turned the contrast down on the screen. I just did a quick check and it also isn't transparent if its just a video playing in VLC, though windows media player has no problems. I'm running on Vista basic.

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