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The world's thinnest notebook. Macbook Air.


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If this new MBA comes without an optical drive, and you don't request one, will you still get the OSX install CD/DVDs.

If the system does fall over in the future how are you going to get it back up and running? A hidden partion perhaps with the OS?

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No need to purchase any external. Just use "Remote Disk" on the Mac to use any optical drive on other macs or pcs and it works just like a local drive to install your software... wirelessly. Jobs emphasizes that on the keynote

Edit: BTW for people on the go, the size and weight of this MBA is great specially if you have to do long walks carrying so much stuff from one end of the airport terminal to the other. I hurt myself running while carrying heavy luggers too many times.

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Every operating system will need a reinstall at some point. Ever heard of a hard drive failure?

This is right up their with the AppleTV. Okay maybe not that useless, but even with remote install, I have to question the logic of using the iPod classic hd. The drive has issues with album art (new firmware, anyone?), so I have to wonder if it can bear up to the rigors of OS as large as Leopard.

Addtionally, this thing is a accident, not mention a theft magnet, waiting to happen. Put too many books in your backpack, you break a $1500 screen. It's not worth it. If you have to buy Mac (which you don't), buy a MacBookPro or MacBook. Any other stupid ideas from Cupertino we should be aware of?

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You can still install from an usb harddrive like you can do with the actual macs (It installs so quickly with an harddrive instead of leopard's dvd), just like the eeepc ...

(Before starting speculating on iPod harddrive choice, lets wait for the benchmarcs to be public in 2 weeks ... We don't know if it's the harddrive, the processor of the iPod, or is Apple hasn't just reviewed the iPod's drive ...)

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I just watched the Keynote video... I'm not going to repeat whatever has been said before, by me and others. But, besides all the pros and cons of the new MBA... when Steve pulled it out of manila envelope, THAT was a best moment in the entire keynote. Forget about it's limited appliance or target audience, forget it's shortcomings and flaws... that particular moment it looked so stunning that it owned that moment. I mean who would have thought of pulling a nice 13" laptop of out plain envelope???

Hats off to Apple's marketing and creative guys... nice move !! :D

Now, we can resume bickering about it. ;)

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EDIT : EFI can boot wifi remote drives' date=' it has been officialy confirmed, yay for efi !

Still gonna be slow as f**k

Indeed it will be slow, but don't know by how much:

A DVD drive at 1x reads 1350 kB/s (kB as in 1,000 bytes)

802.11g networks are capable of 54 Mbit/s, however fallback to 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6 Mbit/s when quality of signal is poor.

Let's consider there is a wall between the two machines so they fallback to 36 Mbit/s, and they are connected to an Access Point so the effective speed is of 18 Mbit/s. This is 2250 mB/s, almost 2x.

It's slow, but enough to watch a DVD movie.

Also because seeking non-continuous files takes about 0.5 to 2 seconds, a 8x capable DVD drive may read at a much lower effective speed (i.e. reads at 8x but seeking makes the final speed a lot lower).

So accessing to other drives by wireless will indeed be slower, but is only a matter to have 802.11n and 802.11y appear at widespread in the market (I don't know if MacBook Air already support 11n) and wireless throughput won't be a problem anymore

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MacBook Air already support 11n

Yes I think it does, but maybe only the draft protocol ... (like Airport express and the iMac does)

But for the slow reinstall, it will be slow, but like it's many files, I will be just a little slower than the DVD (see matonga's post he explained it 90x times better that I can), but do you really care about the install size ? I mean it takes so long to boot from the Leopard DVD compared to Tiger CD for me !

And, you don't reinstall your system every morning when you wake up, do you ?

For blueray drive : It's not needed in an laptop, I mean you wont watch HD on this screen ... (yes there is an dvi output, but nothing optical so sound will suffer, so no HD for the Air, nothing bad since it isn't the goal of this computer)

Maybe not safe for work link (explicit words in the title) but it is exactly what I think about the Air : Blog Post (wilshipley.com)

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I just don't see how anyone would buy an MBA over an MBP. The only advantage is thinness.


Also, difference in weight isn't something important for me. Power is way at the top before look and weight.

MacBook Pro is nice, for my taste, and more powerful. So, I don't find good use of MacBook Air. :)

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Let's say I'm in the air... in an airplane. And if there's no iMac or something with wireless technology and optical drive on the plane,and if I want to look for some files from a dvd, and I didn't took the time to make a copy on a pendrive while I was on the ground then what should I do? Should I bore myself while I'm flying? Ok, it's thin but you can only use it in places where you can use other macbooks too.But if it's thin to be easier to carry anywhere than maybe I want to carry it in places where I cannot find wireless technology in every meter,and then the optical drive is the only one where I can play a dvd for example.And I don't wish to carry an external Optical drive just for that.

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I think (but just my thought) that leaving the MBA without optical drive was a comprise solution, maybe because adding it would make the MBA more bulkier (heavier and not so thin).

This solves nothing, of course, but may explain why Apple choose to release the MBA without optical drive.

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