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Going to skin windows 98/2000

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Hey everyone.

I decided that... I am going to dual boot XP and Windows 98 (or maybe 2000) and simply skin the 98/2000 to look like Leopard. That way, i will use up a lot less memory etc... whilst still getting a great look :) Almost every program that I know supports 98 :)

What do you guys think?


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Good luck.

I hope that you understand that 98 SUCKS and is not really "skinnable".

Windows 2000 Pro is decent, but it lacks any real ability to be skinned as well.

Neither support alpha blending on GUI elements or icons.

None of the Stardock products will run on 98. They are limited in functionality on 2000.

So you're going to be in for a lot of manual work.

In short... you're only setting yourself out for a very frustrating venture.

Many here have tried already only to realize that it's not possible to achieve a decent representation of OS X on either of those two platforms.

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Windows 98 is nothing but a pseudo-32bit OS based on 16bit-DOS. Also not supported anymore and I'd be confused if you could even install an ancient artifact like Win98 on a machine produced after 2003-2004. You'll run into problems with drivers, your BIOS and whatnot.

If you're on an older machine, try a *very* small Linux distribution. Windows 98 will be a waste of time, no matter who you'll skin it.

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