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Leopard Shell32.dll - ENGLISH VERSION!

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Hey everyone,

I downloaded the leopard shell32.dll all hopeful only to find out it was german! I did a bit of research and have merged/replaced some things to make an english version :D.

To use this download Replacer and replace your existing shell32.dll with the one you are about to download. This will put all the latest leopard folder icons etc...

Replace will auto backup the old file so if you want to go back you can.

Please note:

This will only work with Windows XP.

I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused.

After copying you may be prompted to insert your windows disc. Click cancel then yes.

You need to reboot after installing.

This has been tested and works 100% so you shouldn't have any problems.

Download: here

Enjoy :D

Please comment.


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I'll give this a try-out immediately.

One question: are the appropriate size icons in place? The German version simply added 128x128 icons everywhere. Are the 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 icons in there as well?

downloaded and browsed with reshacker, out of curiosity. basically 128s only, that's why there would are distorted icons (e.g. places bar). default toolbar buttons are xp. AVIs/animations are xp. maybe he is presently working on the updates...

it would be much simpler if one is running flyakite coz one can just replace icons with the appropriate ones (drag and drop, rename) in the resources folder, then just go to 'force system update'. one doesn't have to muck around with the entire shell32 file. chris kite really did a thorough job, much more than any iconpackager themes out there...

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Hi kinsemon,

Thanks for your excellent tip - I've got FlyaKite OSX 3.5 installed, and didn't know one could change icons and avi's by fiddling with the resources folder + "force update"...

I don't know if everyone is aware of this; I could imagine that a lot of people are risking screwing up their pc's with reshacker if they're not careful... Your advice here should be at the top of the FlyaKite sticky-list... :-)

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No prob mate. you just have to have a good icon editor (I use IcoFX, it's free), to make sure that your replacement icons have the right sizes. my FAK installation is at 48x48, but icon 4 (generic folder) has a 96px together with 48,32, 24, and 16...

quite satisfying actually, once you finished the entire library....

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