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iMac Questions! - Link Edition

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I know you guys go through these things everytime a member around here plans to buy a new computer and I couldn't resist my potential time in the spotlight. So here's my scenario.

My computer is on the brink of dying, it immediately freezes if I try to play a video or it did once after sitting completely idle for awhile. So rather than putting another band-aid over the old band-aids (if things go well) I might be in the market for an iMac.

Question One:

Are there any plans to update the iMac product line anytime within the next couple months?

Question Two:

The price hike between adding 4 gigs of ram compared to 2 is nearly 700 dollars. Is there a far cheaper means for me buy the ram and just put it in myself?

Question Three:

Are there really any noticable benefits between a 2.8Ghz Extreme processor compared to a 2.4Ghz Duo?

Question Four:

Will 24" of screen rock my face too hard? You're talking to a kid who's squinted at Photoshop on a 17" CRT all his life.

Question Five:

If I get an Xbox360 (or maybe just try my Wii) can I hook it up and play it on my iMac?

Question Six:

Are mighty mice really practical for graphic work? I had intentions of getting a new logitech mouse, but getting one with the system seems like a waste.

Question Seven:

Who wants this dog?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions. :P

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Apple are very secretive, so no one knows when they will release updates to the new iMac. There certainly wont be any major redesigns anytime soon- but maybe a speed bump.

Its probably about time for an update too, so wait until after Macworld (Jan 15) + a week or so to be safe.


2Gb is heaps to start you off. Price of memory is always coming down, if you can hold out, then do so.


The word "Extreme" is just a marketting ploy... just like "Full 1080P HD" is a way of saying a high resolution monitor.

Its just the 2.8ghz "extreme" is 0.4ghz faster, the "extreme" doesnt mean anything... so... in terms of processor- yes, it will be faster for video editing etc- if your rich then it will mean faster video rendering in iMovie or faster burning or.... but yeah 2.4 is still very good.


24 inch is awesome. but to be sure, go to your local Apple shop and checkout the two. I'm always amazed by how uncluttered the windows look on a 24" iMac... so much room to play with and a high resolution. That said 20" is still plenty for home use.


No. The iMac cannot be used as an external display for any video games console.

However there are programs out there that will allow you to sync your itunes/iphoto library to the xbox360 media center to view on ur tv.

6- No. Apple has come a long way since the early days of the iMac... balancing between style, industrial design and practicality. Unfortunately the Mighty Mouse is still a flawed creation, while perhaps not to the extent of the original iMac "hockey Puck" mouse, if you are using it for graphics design it can become tedious;

- the left and right click are hard to differentiate, meaning you click the wrong button often

- The scroll ball, while innovative, is still to small for my tastes.

Logitech mouses start at $25 for one with optical, scroll and two clearly defined buttons :P that said, i like the look of the mighty mouse so much that im sticking with it... dont buy a mouse just yet, try out a mighty mouse first and see what you think.


As first poster, I demand the Poodle.

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It'd definitely be after the event, I guess I can keep my fingers crossed.

From what I've researched, apple pretty much charges 300 bucks to put the memory in themselves. I suppose I can save more than that If I find a deal on a pair of 2gb pc5300 ram chips.

I figured that "extreme" was a marketing ploy, maybe an implementation of a couple features I'd probably never fully utilize. If I recall weren't voodoo video cards "extreme" too? Man, those sure were awesome.............moving on

As far as screen size goes, I've never had a new computer, I guess I just have that tick in my ass that says to go all out and get the bigger one.

In regards to the game consoles. Damn it. I guess I have a perfectly good television to use. No big deal.

I figured the mouse might be a bit impractical. I've had my eye on a logitech G5 mouse since I have an old MX700 that i bought like a week before they came out with the MX1000. It's literally the same mouse but it's laser instead of optical and it has a cord (I've had a lot of bad luck with wireless peripherals; switching batteries every other day for this mouse) or else, I'd consider an MX Revolution.


Question Eight:

Also, does it come with an actual Leopard install DVD or some dumb "iMac recovery disc" or something?

Question Nine:

If you use the educational discount do you get a free iPod or anything? I know they used to do that a long time ago.

Question Ten: (Low Priority)

Any recommendations for sweet desks to put it on? Glass, metal, and wood are all fair game. Something small, clean, and an actual desk, not like a half desk from ikea that mounts on the wall.



Poodle it is; so ketchup, mustard, or both?

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All macs come with the disks for the software they are preloaded with. However this software is single user only, and can only be installed on the Mac you bought it with.

They're not ripping you off like windows pc manufacturers... but that said, you probably wont ever need to use the CDs anyway (like you would a pc)


Educational discounts... its just cash off etc. worth doing, but you will need substantial proof.

The free iPod offer was only ever offered with the laptops as an incentive to school students to get them to buy buy buy macbooks... so i doubt it will ever be a promotion with the imacs


Umm desks, yeah im in the process of getting a new desk for my stuff as well. but i live in OZ, so my recommendations arent gonna be useful to you.

Get a custom designed one from a furniture maker and get it baddass. Im getting a u shaped desk with chrome legs. simple, neat, big and elegant.

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Hey everyone, it's been almost a couple months and I wanted to ask again about the likeliness of an iMac update anytime soon.

I noticed that the laptops got a speed bump, and I noticed that the Macbook Pros have a 512mb video card now (not sure if they had them before).

So I'm curious as to if there's any info floating around about the iMac getting a bump and maybe getting the buffed video cards at the very least.

I did notice that the cost to upgrade the memory through Apple got cheaper, but it's also way cheaper to order it through ebay instead. It used to be nearly 700 to get 4 gigs and now it's only 450. But there are auctions for 4gb upgrades that are around 100 dollars including shipping. Just curious as to if any of you took this route and had success with it.

Thanks. :)

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Apple seems to be introducing something every week since Macworld. Last week it was the Penryn Macbooks, and it looks like this week it is the iPhone SDK with the event being held on Thursday.

I think it could happen next week, but I doubt it's going to be anything other than a speed/memory bump.

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