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GAME: Tall Tail About The Last Poster V2008

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I put one of these up last year! and well it was a hit.

Make up an outrageous lie, tall tale, or vicious piece of gossip about the previous poster. Just for fun.

So this year I figured starting it off early would be a great idea!

The goal of this posting is to tell a tall tale, or lie about the last poster, and to use your imagination. If you look at the 2006 version of this, you will get the idea of the game.


Things to remember:

-This is just a game

-All bets are off

Look forward to the postings over the next year!

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Markoz got a firefly through his nose while riding a tricycle. Eversince, his brain can be seen through his eyes at night.

(And it is rumoured that, IF he changes his avatar, it is not because of my comment, but because he succeeded in poking the firefly out through his nose again)..

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