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Adding a networked printer

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I have a printer hooked up to my desktop computer, and that printer is on a network. My desktop is running Vista Home Premium, and now I wanna print directly from my laptop running Leopard onto this printer... How can I do that? How can I connect my computer with the printer?

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He said it was hooked up to his desktop.

First, make sure the printer is shared in windows. Go to your Printers window in control panel. Right Click, Properties. In the Sharing Pane, set it to what you want to share the printer as...I recommend using the Printer's model.

Then, on your Mac, browse to your Windows share via SMB. Command + K will bring you to this window. Double click on the printer. It will/should bring you to the Printers preference pane in System Preferences...

That's as far as I can take you :slant:...

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