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ImageShack Uploader

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This will upload an image to ImageShack and return 9 different link styles for you to share your images.

I got tired of having to browse to the site everytime I wanted to upload a photo. Will add support for multi-uploading later on.

Comments welcome.

Anyone wants to design a nice skin for this I'll code it up. Plan on adding multi-uploading and a history feature, so you can get the links to all files you upload with it.


Also, maybe I'll a drag''n'drop feature where you can drag a bunch of images to the application and it will add them to the upload list automatically, to save time from having to browse for them.


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ImageShack already offers a multitude of ways to upload images. There's a Firefox addon, Explorer context-menu extension and a standalone program, I believe. Still though, if it allows you to log into your own account and upload images easily, then all the best to you!

Since I don't use FF, and I don't suppose the context menu thing will work on xp x64...This is ok with me, :)

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