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Icon Requests?


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Hey frogsgs!

I posted this in a diff thread earlier, but here it goes again.

In looking for the "milk" version (and if it doesnt exist ill need someone to make it for me...) of the following apps:


MSN Messenger

WOrd, excel and powerpoint (out of the original offcie x icons)




Microsoft visual studio

Thanx in advance !!!


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Sure, here goes... You have to go to snow.e2 icons first and the first icon set, thats what it mean.

Also, this screenie im posting shows my temporal attept to solve the problem... right now theyre only in black and white but if you look at the burn icon and the icons linked to the page im telling you aobut in Rad-e8, youll see that the icons are more of a whitish tint instead of plain grayscale.

Thanx for the Help!!!

If you need anything else, please do tell me

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Heh this thread is really great!

Awesome idea Frogsgs!

If I may post a request, I would like to ask for some arrows in Snow.E2-style. I would like to put together an icon set based upon that theme, but I am lacking a few GUI elements. For example, I would like to have an arrow to the left and one to the right for replacement in a browser (back/forward buttons).

Rad.E8 has a small arrow in the "Download Folder" icon, something like that would be nice. Basically some aquafied arrow...

Oh, and an aquafied Bouncing Ball, the symbol for the AMIGA, would be awesome (Like the ball in Amiga.com, the one for "AMIGA Corporate").

Thanks a lot,


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@DinoJr - Damn those OfficeX boxes r sexy!


man rock! u don`t need to worry about Jairo allready making lots of icons, u have a style of ur own which is great. i love those icons but i have few more requests (yeah i know i`m a biatch :lol: ) could u make one with brushed metal back and white or graphite sign (with the sign maybe having soft edges, not sharp like the original icon)

all in all, u have a very bright future mate

PS don`t forget to post the those icos u allready made. they`re kick a$$! :rule:

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