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Automount windows smb shares on leopard desktop

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okay...i did some searching and came up with a couple of seemingly helpful hits, but i can't get either method to work. they are this link and this link. i have a feeling that i'm mixing my mac conventions with my windows conventions. here's what i want to do:

i want to automount, on my osx 10.5 desktop, a windows share. the windows share name is "pdpdcvnit$". username is "pdpshmengie" password is "password".

can anyone set me straight? like, type out the exact string for me? thx!

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I'm pretty sure it's the same as Tiger. In the system preferences under accounts then login items just drag the mounted windows share into the list of items.. If it's not on your desktop when you mount it (which it isn't by default) it's Finder Menu > Preferences > Show these items on the desktop , connected servers. Hope this helps.

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Have you tired what is in the comments ? (Putting the drive on startup thing or open Directory Utylity.app and add an share named "smb://server(preferably it's ip)/it$"

if you need to find the right line without reboot try using the Go -> Connect to server menu (using Cmd K on any finder window, even the desktop)

To connecte to my C$ share wich is not visible by default I put "smb://$" in the server adress box and it works.

so "" = "/" and "" = "smb://"

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