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AveDesk 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build

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Being drunk somtimes leads to good things!

Fixed some Vista Compatibility problems:

FixedVista problems:
+ fading / setalpha no longer results in a black background
+ Desktop Icon no longer supported

FixedMultimonitor problems:
+ ShowCase offset problems

Fixed Other problems:
+ ATLASSERT() errors in shadow dialogs are gone
+ DX animations now on older hardware also
+ warns when SysStats is run without admin rights (compat. prob.)


Overwrite your previous version (1.3 / 2.0) with this new AveDesk.exe. Be sure to remove the Languages folder!




You gotta thank my girlfriend for occupying the shower for such a long time period that I started fixing bugs.

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Hmmm? someone told me this project is no longer under development! FAN-Tastic :D Now this is what I call Drunken Kung-Fu in AveWorld :) I hope you get more and more drunk :D (never sadly though) "Let the fiest Begin" (yikes was it feist or fiest or fist??? damn my english zucks)

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