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RunMe 0.9 (Application Launcher)

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Hello, guys!

Kondragor, I thought about this feature a lot of time back (maybe we even thinking on it together once). I have thought that I should to write an editor for such files and have decided to use BAT files instead :) Not the elegant decision maybe, you can create such BAT file and add it to RunMe

(it's an example for calculator and notepad):

start notepad

ping -n 5 localhost

start calc

("ping -n 5 localhost" just for 5 sec delay)

Btw, it's possible to use file operations in BAT files.

Jlix, Thank you very much for config, this was very usefull! It seems to me that I've corrected some not pleasant bugs. Please, redownload this file again:


Can you please also specify still what you meant on group clicking? :)

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first of all, I love this app. But since you don't let us choose the font, it can't display content in Hebrew. Can you fix it somehow? Thanks

Hello, Orelzion,

you can change skin font in skin.ini but there are no unicode support and, unfortunately, some languages can't work properly in RunMe. At least yet. Btw, with Arabic problem also. I will see what I can change there for unicode support.

Edited: Orelzion, This is a new EXE file, I've tried to add unicod supporting there. I can add Arabic text on my PC and see it in RunMe but I'm not sure if it's works well on other PCs, with other languages.

Also message before item deleting deleting should looks well.

If someone use RunMe with Arabic or Hebrew then can you please test this file too?


(page on Russian, click on "http://windocks.narod.ru/runme0.9.2.5u_exe.zip" link there)

Thanks much! :)

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Orelzion, :D that's only executable file. Please use archive with full version of RunMe and just replace RunMe.exe file from my previous post.

Thanks for screenshot, it looks like you've run this file from archive, certainly this file should be placed in folder with all RunMe's files (themes, config etc).

Kondragor, sorry, I did not look what the problem there with click, will see soon :)


This is a latest build. Please try. I've fixed this click-bug and one more small bug (RM disapeared below other window if you open RM and click on this window fast) :)


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Ksoft, i have tried the latest version and that has fixed my problem with the groups so that is not an issuse. The lock/unlock function does not work still, as there is still the same function when in lock or unlock.

I'm glad that first problem was solved :)

So you can with locked RunMe: drag'n'drop files, delete item by d'n'd, move items from one menu to another?

If you mean only d'n'd from Explorer then yes, it works if locked.

Sorry, I ask you because I can't do all things I wrote above if RM locked.

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Hi! It's me again with bugs, of course =)

Now it's 1 bug - RM slides in if I click on left part of screen, under the tab. I think if tab is showing, RM should slide in only if I click on Tab. Can you fix this bug?


Thanks for information, I fix bug with click above RM but forgotten about below ;)

I've uploaded it here:


(this is a but it's a pity to upload one more file with such small fix in new location)

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Function " Hide window of the program Completely (show if muose on the edge of the screen) " not working :( and i cant do anything,runme is on but i cant find it.And other problem after this bug then i redownloaded runme and started it "Slide in" and "Slide out" speed working only if i set to fastest other speeds are slow :( OS: vista 32bit.How i can fix this?

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Yeap, Is it possible to make slide speed more flexible(even max speed sometime not enough)? On my home PC sliding is very fast, i think because of my new fast hardware. On my work PC sliding sometimes works smooth, but very slow. I would prefer even option of showing 1st level items without any animation, like it's works for 2nd and 3rd levels if I disable animation in options. Is it possible to realize?

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So you can with locked RunMe: drag'n'drop files, delete item by d'n'd, move items from one menu to another?

If you mean only d'n'd from Explorer then yes, it works if locked.

To KSoft,

The problem i get is that there is no difference in the function of locked and unlock in RunMe. I still can drag and drop icons on RunMe when locked is set. This is what i would expect from the unlocked setting but not from locked. The locked should disable the drag and drop functionality and lock should enable this? Have i missed the functionally of this as it does not work to what i am assuming.


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Hello i want also use runme on USB Stick.

I have read this:


If you choose this file check checkbox at bottom of open file dialog (If you can't see this box, resize open dialog a bit).

Then file name will be saved as "%DISC%Documents and SettingsgspotDesktopRunMeDOCUMENTOStest.xls"

But on other PC you will not have this path also.

Please place all files on Flash drive to, for example, "H:docs1.xls" and then add it to runme as relative link.

You will have "%DISC%docs1.xls" and this path will be independently from disk letter.

Hope this helps

but cannot find the "open file dialog" no Dialog are resizable, i have tried with docs1.xls, dos1.xls and ..dos1.xls, but it does not work.

Can any body tell me how it works?

i have 0.9.2 or 0.7.x

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