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RunMe 0.9 (Application Launcher)

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Hi Kostya!

Yes, that seems to be the trick - it'll only displayed if I resize the dialog, drag the frame with the mouse a little - strange, Russian magic windows :D

But, isn't it much easier to exchange x: by %drive% with an editor automatically? (search and rename)?

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Am -very- happy with RunMe 0.9: low on memory usage, quick to launch, nice looking graphics!

However: changes appearance from left side to top side just to try. Now, RunMe starts, the menu appears for about 1 second and then disappears totally... :-) Any way to change it back to original? I tried changing the x and y values in the config.ini but no luck...

Regards from Germany, Ingo

30.04.: problem (very easily...) solved:

1. renamed config.ini to config.bak just in case

2. re-boot

everything ok again :-)

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@ingo2008, Sure, because Position will be set to 0 by default :)

Anyway, can you please tell me what skin do you use?

@660207, Yes, that's easier way but I need to implement user friendly option.

On check box,strange, I'm afraid that it's Microsoft's feature :) But in Vista all works well.

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@Kondragor, Thank You! :)

I hope it still work in Win2k (I did not test a long ago).

@ingo2008, Thanks, please try this Skin.ini (for "R inspired" theme)

I've corrected some values so top position should work good now:



>>Yes, this would be nice. Release tomorrow?

lol. I want to correct some things in IcyRadio at first.

>>Hope, you will find time to do this.

I hope too :)



//Edited: Sorry! Please redownload skin.ini (in case if already). I've made some changes.

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Hello folks,

I really like runme.

Usefull eyecandy.. :-)

I suggest this:

Please substitute the Start-Button COMPELETY!

So, theres NO way for users to reach the menue presented in the Start-menue.

If this is done, its necessary to give the user of runme

the optional possibility to get rid of the system-tray icon (in /settings of runme)

and prevent the configuration panel from being opened

by right-clicking the border of the runme-window itself.

This could be done by a OPTIONAL password-question -before- opening the configuration-panel.

You might ask.. What for??

To prevent my kids and friends to pimp-up my WXP-configuration

for one example,

by simply clicking start/settings/controlpanel.

We love you :-)


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Hi Konstantin,

As requested I moved this here. For those following this thread, I asked K' if it would be possible to have a separate click action for groups compared to their hover action, so a "My Documents" group could take you to "My Documents" in explorer as well as having "My Pictures", "My Downloads", "My Video" etc items within it.

He suggested this was possible to add, but something similar already exists in the form of the "as Popup" checkbox on "Drive or Folder" type groups.

My problem is that in the orientation I keep RunMe, the popup disappears when I move the mouse near it, as though RunMe windows have a higher priority over the pointer even when a menu is displaying over the top of them.

The exact position configuration you asked for is that the menu is a "Right" menu positioned high on my screen. As I said earlier, this is something I got to like when I used BeOS.

To emphasis how much I like this I shall compare it's pros and cons to other methods of application launching:-

Many people love the new Vista Start menu, I don't. It's constantly re-organising me menus which are now buried even further down the list than they were in XP. Classic Win95 start is more helpful to me as I can arrange it how I like. A couple of clicks is still easier than typing a bit, waiting to see if the right icon appears then switching from kbd to mouse to click that off.

The easies means of launching programs that I recall was Amiga or Acorn RISC OS where applications were represented in the FS by one Icon and dropped right on your hard disk which you organised as you liked. That was all you had to do to install. OS X still keeps this to a large extent, and Apps and Utilities are always on the finder menu.

Quick Launch is great for your most frequently used programs, especially the little ones, OS X style Zooming Docks took the neXT dock to the point where this is useful for most stuff, and unlike traditional QuickLaunch, Docks or Warfs is both clear and doesn't take up too much space. If you have 30-100 programs it still isn't practical for them all, and I don't find Stacks much help... again, the Apps and Utilities menu in Finder is easier.

RunMe allows me to create structure for types of applications. It's Win95 Start Menu, but beautiful. I can link favorite folders for data, and programs of differing types (Games, Office, Software Dev, System Tools etc.) and I can have the same programs grouped by company (MS, Adobe, Sun, Corel, Symantec, O&O, Roxio, Ahead, GNU etc). Like the OS X Dock it hides away to nothing when you don't need it, not even a "Start" button, and yet it's always there when I need it.

The big problem with Windows is that your OS is your Home, it's nice to lay your home out the way you want it. With MacOS, Linux, Amiga, RISC OS, BeOs, neXT etc that's pretty simple. With Windows, you pretty much need to slipstream a custom install to get anywhere near having your Hard Drive organised the way YOU want it, and if you do too much that isn't the way MS normally does it many apps get upset. Hence we are forced to represent our directory structure in ways which differ from that which they are layed out in the File System. This is a great way of doing this.

Thank you KSoft. :)

My only issue, is that I would like my drives in a menu without having to go through My Computer in Explorer and waiting for it to determine all the characteristics of each device when I know I just want to look on my flash drive, and I want to be able to go straight to my Videos without going through My Documents and waiting for Explorer to fill in the thumbnails for all my Photos and Documents for those funky little "folder contains" like icons. But sometimes, I really do need to get just to my profile, documents, computer too. The simplest solution is to have an "Open" item at the top, I know. But it would be nice if I could click it off, or hover over it for sub-items.

The "as Popup" works (aside from disappearing in my configuration) but it's rather too detailed too. What I like is that my profile contains items which I don't put there, and never use, but it also contains stuff I need to get to all the time. Likewise My Computer often contains items I never want to see or touch (swap partitions on attached drives, the control panel and shared folders, digital camera import virtual folders even when the camera isn't attached etc.) it's all detracting, and irrelevant. With RunMe, I don't have to wade through numerous registry fixes to get rid of unwanted shell objects, or add "Hidden" attributes to files that the system needs in folders I use just so they don't get in my way, I just don't add them to the list.

Anyway, there you have it. Both praise and criticism in the same post. Thank you for a fantastic program, and I hope my comments and the screeny can help make this uber tool even more uber.


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Oh, BTW. In my Screeny above, "bin" and "bin(x86)" are another form of shortcut I use when I'm doing stuff in the command line. They are just HardLinks to "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" since command line stuff often needs me to navigate to those locations and it's not easy (not easy enough for me) when there are spaces in the directories names. "bin" is very short, and standard on POSIX platforms, so it becomes pretty instinctive.

The mess on that menu also illustrates my annoyance with Doze. I use Windows, Program Files(or their shortened aliases), Users and Dev-Cpp quite a bit, but the rest of it is just OS junk as far as I'm concerned, it should be hidden away in system areas, a boot folder in Windows or somewhere in etc not spread all over my drive so that I have to wade through this detritus. Moving, or deleting it is not advantageous either as it upsets bits of Windows sooner or later. :(

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Spare me, I not so well know English, lol.

If in earnest, I will very thankful if you can describe poblems and suggestions more concretely, not mentioning everything existent OS and technology here. Sorry if it sounds rudely but it really will be more effective.

On popup menu: For begining, what version of RunMe do you use? I see old standard menu variant. In v0.9 it was replaced by this one:




What interestingly, you are not first person who suggests to be thoughtful on security options. But, imho, it's not programwhere so important such things. I' am not right possibly. But it would be good to create the program for complete replacement of Start menu. Certainly on other engine than RunMe, more flexible and with similar functions. While dream only (while there is not possibility for me) :)

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Yes, you are right... it was 0.8.x version.

Changing to 0.9.2 makes the popup groups show skinned like any other group, but also makes the initial slide in of the menu so slow as to be incredibly boring.:(

Also, of course, it doesn't improve the complexity of a folders contents.

Sorry... always over post. All my bad. :(

If a picture is worth a thousand words (and defiantly multi-lingual) see attached for "what I get and what I want". ;) I think it's pretty obvious which it the more presentable.


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I was wondering if there was some change in the configurations file. I've tried fiddling with the "Slide in/out" sliders, though which end is fast and which slow is not very clear, it seems to have no effect.

I worry about the config, because some groups I change to Popup ("As menu" as it's now called) turn into a type the Properties page cannot describe and therefor can't be changed back.

I presume this is because I'm still using the configuration file from my old 0.8 version, as performing the same operations on new groups I create causes no such problems. Therefore, I guess it's possible the slide in/out settings could be suffering from similar incompatibilities between the config file formats. ???

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Thanks for screenshot, I think you mean that your new folder menu is too wide.

It's because you have folder there with long caption, isn't it?

In this case, you can create new folder and place only needed shortcuts (to folders).

But, unfortunately, you can't navigate folders in runme then, this links can be opened only :(

Does it make sense?

On slide in speed:

@Hello, Kondragor!

I will send letter to your a bit later and then I will try to fix it, sorry :)

Are you really use v0.9.2? I just tought that it's strange that you can't feel difference in speed because I have it with different speed settings. Slide in/out really slower now, but more smooth. Does it works the same way in 2k and XP?



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It is wide, but that isn't the problem, it's the length.

Yes it makes sense. There are a number of work around, I presently make links as far as I need to, I could make folders with shortcuts, softlinks, junctions, hardlinks, reparse points etc... each of which has it's down side.

So my point still stands, the simplest solution right now is to make groups (not folder / drive links) put in only items I want, and add an item called "Open" to the top of the group so I can open that folder, rather than it's group. It would be very nice for me if a future version could have a click target action as well as a hover pullout for groups. I hope this makes sense to you.

The slow show hide option, I don't know about 2K but it is the same on Vista and XP. I had it go faster, (not as fast as I'd like) but I don't know what I did. It wasn't related to the slide bars in the settings, that much I do know.

Smooth is not as important as fast in something which is supposed to be a shortcut... though pretty is nice. ;)

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Thanks for specifying!

Btw, if you add item "Documents", for example, as folder with submenu, you can open this folder and other subfolders with middle mouse button. Maybe it will helpfully.

I will check Slide in/out speed, it works good for me so I forgot about it absolutely :)

But what do you mean on "It wasn't related to the slide bars in the settings"? Does this trackbars not work for you?

I will add filter for files in Folder Menu in next version (for example, you can choose to show only png,jpg and bmp files).

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Aha!!! :D I only have 2 mouse buttons. :(;)

No, those sliders don't (normally) work for me in the new 0.9.2 version, though they did in 0.8.x.

I've made a breakthrough in when it works at sensible speed and when it doesn't. o/ (;) I will gladly clarify if needed.

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Has anyone experienced the following: sometimes when RunMe 0.9 is running, I have noticed that I cannot access the Windows taskbar anylonger... When I minimize active windows, it is possible again, but taskbar does not reappear when I maximize all windows again. My solution right now, as I could not yet find out when the taskbar disappears, is to restart RunMe. Or, of course, I could start a nice looking task switcher :-)

Otherwise...RunMe is just great (where can I donate :-) )


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lol, I mean mouse wheel click :)

What interesting: I don't draw menu while sliding, this is a simply increasing/decreasing it's position.

So I very surprized how other applications can make it faster or slower.

Btw, Kondragor said me that speed really changes, he means only that this speed now slower, not like in previous version.


That's very-very strange...

I think it can be related with window focus but taskbar does not compete with RunMe in this.

>>(where can I donate :-)

Sorry, this option is not avaliable yet ;)

Thanks! :)

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Hello, GSpot :)

You can try add link to Internet Explorer, for example

"C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe"

and add link as Parameter.

I'm not sure if there are special flags for IExplorer (to open in separate new window) but in my system IE 7 opened in new window each time I run this link.

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Hello, GSpot :)

You can try add link to Internet Explorer, for example

"C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe"

and add link as Parameter.

I'm not sure if there are special flags for IExplorer (to open in separate new window) but in my system IE 7 opened in new window each time I run this link.

Thanks that's it :-)

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How to create Relative Paths?

Example: I have a link to the document “test.xls”:

D:Documents and SettingsgspotDesktopRunMeDOCUMENTOStest.xls

I take RunMe to another pc the path doesn’t exist (of Corse) but the document is in the RunMe directory… is there some solution?


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