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iCal Docklet skins

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can you get the docklet to open a shortcut? I have rainlendar with an ical skin, so i am basically asking if theres such a thing as the docklet and a regular dock shortcut combined. Thanks Much!

I recall using the DockEx iCal docklet with his reflective icons (I think this is the link http://www.dockex.com/items/15 - but you will need to dig around for the reflective icons)

Within the folder is the ical.ini file and you can specify the parameters which from memory should look something like this:


Format=$[dddd], $[MMMM] $[d], $[yyyy] - $[hh]:$[mm]:$[ss] $[tt]




FileName=C:\Program Files\Rainlendar\Rainlendar.exe


This displays the docklet in RK and links the docklet directly to your Rainlendar folder.

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with the ical docklet i managed to use a normal refflective icon. i opened it up in photoshop and removed the month and date from it and saved it. then replaced the icon in ical docklet with the one i made and then moved the month and day to the appropriate place.

Check out this image for a screenshot of my ical working


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