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The end of Netscape Navigator browser

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Netscape Navigator was actually the most popular browser in the old days next to Internet Explorer. I remember using Netscape 7.2 since it had built-in mail application and was fast too. But now, its finally going to give up since people these days use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The end of Netscape Navigator Browser will be on February 1, 2008. This doesn't mean that you won't be able to download it anymore. It just means that the development of the browser will be stopped.

For more info, visit the website below:


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Sad, indeed.

However, the latest version of Netscape (9.0) is really good, but it seems like Firefox, without the compatibility.

The road for Netscape might not be fully over. Some people may take over development of the browser to keep it alive as alternative to Safari, IE, & Firefox.

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I hope it does get taken over by another developer -I use it now as my default browser and I have gotten used to it . I had to reformat my drive recently and reinstalled IE ,Safari and Netscape browser and the beta version of Netscape Messenger which has the same technology as Thunderbird. and I do love how easy it is to operate vs Outlook Express which is not my fav email client. I did not download and reinstall Firefox yet , unless I have to . Unfortunately I am stuck with IE since it is attached to my OS Windows -that I don't like but that is the M.O with Microsoft. I just wish they will accept other browsers or make a better OS sans of patches and vulnerabilities What does everyone think of that. I would be interested to find out how others feel about this issue


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Or Firefox is a repackaged Netscape? afaik netscape's engine was opensourced (the mozilla project) and then the first version of firefox was launched.

FIrefox indeed uses Gecko, which was developed by Netscape. But Gecko is merely a backend, and has been developed and improved such that it really doesn't resemble the Netscape Gecko of old.

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I wouldn't consider it "just a backend", as it handles html layout and rendering, css, javascript, etc...

But I've to admit something you just said: it really doesn't resemble old Netscape Gecko, and Mozilla while developing Firefox and Thunderbird improved the engine so much, you are right. :)

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