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Real Reflective Dock?


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I know, i run kiba dock in ubuntu.

How hard can it be though? If people can make the items in a dock magnify, and light up and all those effects, why cant they make a real refflective dock? I'm sure matonga or someone like that is capable of it.

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untill you actually know how to code you cant put an assumption that is as easy as magnification and lighting up..

this skin in cad reflects (in near real time) any application put on the solid half, its clearly possible is windows shit, but i havent a clue what its written in & if thats even achievable in a dock

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There's a huge number of issue I'd see cropping up as always do.

You could do something simple for traditional style icons (I have) but, once you throw in perspectives it would become a little trickier.

Then you've got to figure out how to handle various effects... like on Hover should have a resulting change to the reflection or the bounce on click should have a change as well.

You could do this in a systats config or maybe someone will make a docklet at some point.

IMO the time involved in creating a dock when a number of decent programs already exist just doesn't make sense.

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Implementing a real reflective dock would be difficult (and maybe cpu consuming) in Vista, and worse yet in XP.

But a dock with a "Mirror the icons" option would be great as it is not so hard to implement (for someone having a whole Dock already developed), it is not resource consuming and it frees you from having to mirror the icons yourself (I mean something like having a dock with an integrated iReflector ;)) Of course, you loose the "desktop integration" as the windows and wallpaper won't get reflected into it, but it still would be better than nothing.

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Yeah, writing a whole dock from scratch is nonsense, taking into account there are so many nice free docks around.

However, but JUST AS A PROOF OF CONCEPT, here is a mirroring dock demo:


I include sources, just in case any dock author can make good use of them. Feel free to use it in your own dock, with only one condition: your dock must be freeware (or cardware, giftware, opensource or similar).

Edit: some windows and effects may not show in the dock reflection. Technical explanation: layered windows won't show in the dock reflection. No easy way to work-around this.

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:( oh, it runs smooth here, sorry.

The app uses a Timer, a work-around to get less cpu usage would be to use a larger interval. However as I'm not gonna implement a dock, I don't feel like adding options to a proof of concept. Don't get me wrong, it's just a proof of concept.

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Ok, I updated it to show some icons.

Now it runs crispy in my PC too... specs: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, nVidia 8500 GT... my God! if it runs bad here, I don't want to imagine how this will run in my job's PC! :( This may be the reason why there isn't any reflective dock released yet :)

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hmm..well..hopefully people will keep working on it :)

EDIT: Runs great on my pc, i have just about the same specs as you also.

Also, it looks great! the refflection or mirror is exactly what i was looking for.

If only we could incorporate that into rk launcher or something..

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I think that the matonga proof of concept is really interesting, and I suggest to implement just a simple option to select how much the reflective dock have to be wide, so we can use it as a skin setting the skin of our dock application to 0 and have yours in background that reflect the windows and wallpaper, this will be awesome if you use the dock without magnification like I do. please implement this option!!


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