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Loco Theme- Beta testers wanted

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EDIT- LOCO now available for public download, follow my sig or the above image

Loco - Special recipe

- Black menubar, porcelain/illuminous like

- Creamy white semi transparent menus that combine style and practicality

- Milk like 100% unified windows.

- Minimalist scheme and comical candy style buttons.

- A selection of blend icons

- Theme variants based on the betas (with transparent menubars/menus clear/black) to be added later.

Below: The old loco beta


It Featured

- 95% Transparent menubar.

- black semi-transparent menus.

- Milk like 100% unified windows.

- Minimalist scheme and comical candy style buttons.

- Blend icons (currently awaiting permissions, he releases his icons under the creative commons 3 license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ )

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How do I use a .guikit file? I am new to theming OS X...

you need shapeshifter. once thats installed, the guikit will open in shapeshifter and you choose 'loco' from the list and click 'apply'.

hmm... once again, this is a beta theme for testing purposes... if ur unsure, dont apply it... ive not released this to the public, only to 'testers' to provide thier feedback.

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the second issue is a bug in themepark. i know how to fix it. just means replacing the resource (again)...

the first i'll look into, shld be an odd text colour thingo somewhere. thanx for the heads up deathmedic. ur feedback is much appreciated.

do u like the overall 'feel'?

I like the simple look, but would like something to tell me i'm hovering over the min max and close buttons.. as it's only a mild outline of the buttons.

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Beta 2 Now Available on request.


- "Black" Window bug

- Black Menus lightened for easier reading with black text (ie- safari) but im not parting with the black menus, and the font cant be made white :/

- Menu extras- better transparency and neatened

- iTunes control buttons

- iTunes Scroll bar tracks and arrows

- iTunes divider bars and source list

- Mail divider bars

- Mail buttons aquafied

- Mail search filter bar loco enhanced

- Safari Bookmarks bar loco enhanced

- Safari Buttons tidied up

- General buttons neatened

- More subtle finder/global button look

- Get info dialogue loco enhanced

- Graphite version polished (same as aqua except with different menubar)

- Font panel themed

To Fix-

- iTunes skin updated to latest version

- iTunes music store themed

- iPod control panel themed

- General button neatening/tweaking

- icons to be further customised


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