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I'm back to using Stacks 1.0 with RocketDock after finding that 2.0 still has problems with crashing on launch in Vista. What I'm wondering is if there is any way to have an icon for "My Computer", like the default icon in 2.0. If I edit the icon settings it will not allow me to pick "My Computer" as the target Folder. Maybe this is just a limitation of Stacks classic?

Also, how do I add a text label to a stacks icon for the ROOT of a hard drive in RocketDock? There doesn't appear to be a place for that in the Stacks Icon Settings dialog, and the "Name" field in the RocketDock Icon picker is disabled.



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This question has probably already been asked, but please be patient with me - there are lots of questions in this thread!

I've got a stacks docklet linked to my Documents folder in Vista (64-bit). The folder has 216 separate folders and files in it.

When I click on the docklet, all those icons won't fit on my screen - they spill off vertically, past the top of the screen. The field that reads ":%d more..." implies to me that there should be some indication that everything isn't fitting on the screen, but I don't have anything like this. Any way to 1) shrink the icons so that they'll fit or 2) have the beginning of the list appear on the screen, and a "%d more..." indication at the end of the list?

Sorry for the complicated question!


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Message for the developer of STACK DOCKLET,

Why don`t share the source code of this plugin, so we can fix your stupid BUGS! :|

Why should he share his code. He gave it to the community for free and in his spare time.

Show some respect at least, no one is forcing you to use this software. Where is your effort to create this type of software.

Little wonder developers don't release stuff or don't reply when people come away with comments like this. :angry:

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