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Guest bugmeplease

I just tried the latest version ( and the larger icons do not look as good (a little pixelated and the bottoms are cut off when the mouse goes over them if the zoom effect is used with object dock) on larger high resolution monitors, I've reverted back to the previous version since there were no other changes but for future releases, could you please make 2 different versions (or a setting) for high and low resolution monitors?

Also for some reason when using object dock 1.9 (free) on windows vista, expanding the leftmost stack on the dock causes it to crash. You are able to open up the other stacks fine and if you modify the settings of the stacks before expanding the leftmost stack, it opens fine also but since this is annoying I created a "dummy stack" which points to nothing as my leftmost stack so all my other stacks work fine. Since this dummy stack does not point to any folders, I can click on it to bring up the settings for that stack without object dock crashing.

Thanks for this great docklet which has REALLY cleaned up my desktop!!!

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Hello all. Thanks for making so nice looking docklet. I think i found small bug - and fix it.

As primary dock app i now use - last version of RKLauncher (http://home.cogeco.ca/~rklauncher/)

Sorry, but icon of just installed Stacks Docklet - NOT looking clear and good in RKLauncher, becose this launcher everytime load icon resource (1 - 11275) from StackDocklet.dll. This is default Delphi icon - i think. So.. i just make this icon fully transparent with IrfanView at 1 minute. If you change default icon with this icon - Stacks Docklet will looked fine in RKLauncher.

Icon avalable here: http://uploading.com/files/HO5I0BSI/Icon_2.zip.html

Thanks again. Greetings from Russia. :-)

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Hi matonga,

one more who is simply gratified to have stumbled upon your piece of work.

Through this thread I came up on the latest version - but won't use it due to its greater need of memory.. or even a leak.


Could you please try to implement the option off turning of the "folder name"?

Depending on which folder a stack links to, the name of this folder is shown while hovering the mouse over the stack and when opening it.

I am using your docklet with Rocketdock. Works like a charm. But the above mentioned feature would greatly improve the experience - at least for me.

Thank you for your efforts and time,

am happily awaiting whatever you come up next with.



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Also for some reason when using object dock 1.9 (free) on windows vista, expanding the leftmost stack on the dock causes it to crash.

I get the same problem with the newest version, but the misterious "shaders" folder I mentioned (a couple of posts back) has not shown up yet after upgrading... so I really don't know if I should roll back to the previous version or stick with this one...

EDIT: I found out the "shaders" folder is caused by the game "Bully", and has nothing to do with Stacks... sorry about that...

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First, thanks for the great docklet. Now, I can't imagine how could I live without it.

But there is a small problem. I've switched from the ver. to I like it, especially the way it displays the stacks, but I couldn't keep the stack icon: after each restart the icon was gone, there was just empty place below fan/grid of icons. (On a regular basis I use it with ObjectDock, but I tried wit RocketDock and RKLauncher with the same result.) Does anyone know where the problem lies?

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using OD (free version, not plus)

so far, when i first installed it, it went wonky, saying some DLL error happened, then my OD crashed. second time, the error-and-crash combo happened when choosing an icon for the stack. third happened when choosing the target folder. now there aren't anymore crashes or errors, but OD doesn't show the icon i selected for the stack! it's nothing special, just the default Paint icon that comes with OD, but it still doesn't show.

also tested with custom icons, tried both PNG and ICO files, it still doesn't show. it works fine, clickable, and the stack opens and operates without a hitch, but the icon simply isn't there.

i don't know if this is relevant, but when choosing the icon, once you select the icon you want, it doesn't dispaly in the address bar / URL (this only applies to custom icons. the default OD icons appear in the address bar / URL as usual)

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Hi there Matonga ...

I've downloaded your latest version of Stack Docklet but havent used it yet. But since you're very familiar with this docklet, I'd like to ask you about a slight problem Im having with the older version.

Im using Rocketdock but since yesterday I've been having a slight problem with my Stack Docklet. I've always been able to open any file/application which was in my stack docklet (by clicking on the icon) but now I can't seem to open any application from it but I have no problem whatsoever opening any document/folder. Ive tried removing the docklet and have created another one but the problem still persists. I've also tried disabling my Rocketdock and enabling it again and it still doesnt work.

You know how I can solve this problem? It only came about yesterday.

Thanks buddy.

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Hello there

I'm using Standalone Stack with Stack Docklet on Vista, updated it just now to full version, because I'm especially interested in operating on special folders. Problem is, with this version the stack opens and immediately closes, as if I clicked somewhere else. The folder listing is ok, it just rolls back as soon as it rolls out, both for filesystem and special, fan and grid. Also, if a window is maximized it doesn't show at all, or shows below the window, presumably.*


edit: *only if the maximized window is the active window


edit2: oh, just noticed the first problem is already mentioned on the previous page. My bad.

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Hi, matonga

Awesome docklet!!! Thank you very much.

I have a little problem when i'm using X-mouse(focus window by mouse moving) in XP.

If i set x-mouse to true by TweakXP and click stack docklet, the menu will be closed soon by itself.

I know this is not the normal usage, but i hope you can find some way to fix this.

Thank you.

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I recently updated the .dll to the latest version (, yet it

would appear that there is a rather serious memory leak.

I am using Stacks Docklet with RocketDock, yet even with a minimal configuration consisting of just a single Stack, RocketDock's process size quickly grows - approximately 250k with every open/close of the stack.

Here is a video that demonstrates the increasing process size:


Is this behaviour normal?

While it could be argued that users running systems with 2GB+ should not worry about tens of megabytes, please remember that this example is using just a single dock, with no other icons or docklets.

Do keep up the great work matonga!

Many thanks,



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It is not normal behavior, it is a bug (a memory leak in this case).

It will not be solved. Never. (keep reading)


Hereby I officially comunicate that I will discontinue Stacks Docklet (versions 1.0.0.xxx).

The reason for this is that I need more time to get Stacks Docklet 2.0 to a release point.

Here is a pre-beta version of Stacks Docklet 2.0:


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FYI -- the system you are using to host the pre-beta is not responding.

Network Timeout

The server at www.matiasmoreno.com.ar is taking too long to respond.

Anyone else experiencing this error?



Yes, me myself.

Don't worry. I'm sure it will be up again in, say, 1 hour.

www.matiasmoreno.com.ar points to my broadband connection (for a third world country... read 512down/128up kbps).

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Hey matonga!

Version 2 is looking good so far! I'll keep an eye on its evolution... :D Running on OD+, no restart necessary either.

ps: it might be better to create a new thread just for v2, otherwise people will start mixing reports/requests for both versions and this could become a real nightmare for you... ;)

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ps: it might be better to create a new thread just for v2, otherwise people will start mixing reports/requests for both versions and this could become a real nightmare for you... ;)

Thanks for suggestion, I'll take it into account for the first beta release.

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