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Hi, I updated last version (the one which crashes) (just in case it didn't crash for someone):

Fan stacks worked improperly when selecting an item, when the dock is at left or right side of skin. Ok, now it's fixed.

Next I'll probably remove special folders feature to see if the docklet becomes more stable.

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it's still crashing even worse now. this time my opened windows are crashes too.

i have winxp sp3 :(

This is because you installed a patched / keygen version of Stacks Docklet. You should consider buying the full version.

Just kidding!!! :P:D. I'm currently preparing for final exams and doing hard job both at work and on projects with friends, so I have mostly little time to give to Stacks :(

I suffer the crashes myself as I use my own docklet in a daily basis (i.e. all time).

Last weekend was deeply unproductive because I kept sleeping all day and night, hahaha.

Sorry for any inconveniences. I hope to be able to release some stripped down versions of Stacks Docklet soon, so we can all test them and tell where the bugs are, at least.



Ok, did a stripped version of Stacks Docklet: removed all about special folders. Sadly, it continues to break and crash, so it's something else. I'll continue to probe different aspects of the docklet to see what happens.



Me bad, I forgot to remove some more stuff about special folders :P

Now I have completely removed all support for damned fornicating under consent of king special folders (oh, behave!).

It now runs pretty stable in my computer.

Please everyone reading this try it and tell me if it keeps crashing or if it works mostly fine now. If it happens to work okay in other computers, I'll completely rewrite special folder support from scratch.

Please try and download:


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EDIT: i find a bug i think, i creat a stack dock for my user folder and dont shows the folders has you can see in the sceenshot

It's not exactly a bug. The folder should be treated as a 'special folder' by Stack Docklet.

Also special folders have been removed in proposed stable version, because of instabilities. This has been a long time hard to solve bug, I hope I can fix it someday :(.

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I would like to see icons for internet shortcuts when the stacks Docklet is activated in both fan and grid mode. Look at picture for more details. In windows explorer the internet shortcut is illustrated with an icon. For example google calendar shortcut as an icon of a calendar,The stack docklet shows just the internet explorer logo.

Other problem.

I recently change my default email program to google chrome. But the stock docklet still shows the 'internet explorer logo instead of chrome logo" nevertheless, the shortcuts do lunch in google chrome.

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i'm lazy to find in thz forum if somebody post about d problem with d icon...

it seems that the new version can't maintain my icon on the stack, it keep disappearing even though the link of the icon still in the stack setting..

whenever i restart my dock, the icon disappear...

plz fix thz..

and another.. i make a stack 4 my pendrive, but whenever i opened it when there is no pendrive inserted to my pc, the dock crashes, unlike the old version stack... fix this also...

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I'm not sure about this "doesn't show the icon" stuff.

Go to Icon settings, Show icon, and select "Always". See if that "solves the problem".

I think it refers to the fact that when you click browse in the icon field and select an icon for the stack, it doesn't really get the path to the icon and the textbox is still empty. You have to manually type the path to the icon and then it works. I have the same problem, running XP SP3 and OD Plus.

By the way, the stripped-down version works pretty fine. No more COMCTL32 errors...


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As I said, With RKL it works if you have the icon in the main icons folder (browsing and showing).

If you have it in a subfolder or somewhere else, you´ll get the blank space icon.

In Rocketdock everything is working here, adding, icons.

Everything with built365. (without special folders)

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