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Stacks Docklet

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Yes... I've never seen a Mac stack, but I'm quite sure that, at least in the more recent releases, the Mac has some effect indeed. Look here for a tip on how to enable it on Mac OS X 10.5 http://osxdaily.com/2008/01/07/highlight-s...items-on-hover/

Actually, somebody here (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...6&postcount=455) said that the hovering indicator is Leopard default and Matonga himself replied that he would add it (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...0&postcount=463)... but it was so many pages (and months) ago that I chose to ask such a question directly again.

Panta, see? I did read the first post and, as I said, there was nothing related to my question; I also read the other posts and can use the search function (I just say that because many of your posts seem to tell people to learn to use the search function and/or read the first post... ) ;) Now let's not start a war here, I'm nitpicking because (1) I do search before posting and (2) it's ME usually that tells people to search before posting :D

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I tried this on rocketdock but everytime I do anything I get this error:

Can't save configuration to .ini file.

File: .DockletsSettings.ini

Group: Docklet0

Access is denied.

I'm on Vista.

nvm, my problem was fixed, this is what I did to solve it in case someone else encounters this problem:

"Go to where rocketdock is install [in your case probably c:program filesrocketdock]. right click on rocketdock(.exe) and select properties. Click on the Compatibilty tab, (something you should learn a lot about with both vista and XP) and check the "Run this program as an adminstrator". Restart rocketdock and SHAZAM! stacklet settings will save."

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Where is the text wrong? it seems that the names of the applications correspond to their icon - "Word" for the Word icon etc.

I'm using it with RocketDock also (though I prefer grid mode) and see no problems, but I've set the icons to zoom on hover; you can test this RocketDock setting to see if you find any differences.

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First of all, I really like the Stacks Docklet, thanks very much! But I have one question: Is it possible to somehow get rid of the animation or make it faster? While the effect is pretty nice and mac-like, it still takes about half a second to open the grid view. I know, this isn't much and in the meantime I already got quite used to it, but I still think the option could be usefull.

I'm sorry if this question has already been asked, I have only read about half of the thread here.

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I use the Stack Docklet with Rocket Dock portable. When I set a folder for the Stack Docklet to use on Rocket Dock I modify the path so the drive letter is left out that way the path is relative and works no matter what drive letter the machine applies to my thumb drive. For example "DocumentsApps" is a folder on my thumb drive I have the Stack Docklet set to. Works great.

Problem is the short cuts to apps I put in that folder on my thumb drives will not let me modify the paths like the stack docklet does. When I attempt to modify the path of the short cuts Windows says the path is invalid.

My question is how do you modify the paths of the shortcuts so that they work when the drive letters change?

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I tried that docklet with RocketDock but it don't saves my settings although I enabled the option to save settings in an INI file. I also changed the security properties as described in the first post.

My system: Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1

I tried the docklet with StandaloneStack (http://www.chrisnsoft.com/standalonestack/) too and there it works greatly without any problems and without changing any security properties or something like that.

Tomorrow I will try ObjectDock and other compatible software to use the docklet.

edit: Problem solved! I simply reinstalled RocketDock and everything is fine now. :)

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