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@ Matonga : Blackbox is a shell replacement (originally for Linux, but ported to Windows). It is rather sleek and very stable.

The problem Caerah axplains is not related to the docklet as such, it is more a Rocketdock problem. When I load Blackbox, the dock or only its background disappears. This is caused by the way Rd places itself in relation with Windows' desktop. I think Blackbox covers the desktop with one of its own, thus hiding the dock partly or fully.

I hope My explanations make sense.

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could you by chance make an app so that you can minimize windows to a stack? i have TaskStack installed just love it but i think that it would work better if it were possible to minimize to the stack docklet so that my dock doesnt get all cluttered with minimized windows. just a thought. thnx!

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It's a great docklet, but it would be nice to be able to get attached drives to show in a docklet (I suppose I could just get something to mount new drives in a folder, but I don't know of such a thing :()

Also, I have no idea how hard it would be, but seeing as you're getting icons already, would it be possible to show thumbnails in the docklet itself, a la the os x stacks (Not saying real, because tbh this is more than an emulation)

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(see messages to everyone below Edit tag)


Check your registry settings as detailed in previous posts.

Do you use some program to hide the shortcut's arrows?



I added the arrow in grid mode (I mean, the black arrow in background's border, pointing to the stack icon).



Added a shortcut_patch.reg to help anyone with problems with shortcuts. It may solve the problem (please note that if you actually can launch shortcuts from the stack, then you don't need the patch).

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Added a shortcut_patch.reg to help anyone with problems with shortcuts. It may solve the problem (please note that if you actually can launch shortcuts from the stack, then you don't need the patch).

Tnx 4 that!

Forks fine and looks AWESOME!

What about sharing source code? ;)


Can you change the angle of slope depending on the location of dock-element?

For example: if menu locate in start of dock, a menu must be inclined to the left and vice versa :)

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Added an option to hide the 'Open folder' icon in fan /grid mode.

This doesn't hide the 'xxx more...' icon thing, it's been implemented minding those who use the stacks as app menus.


Added a subtle shadow to fan items. Personally I don't like it, but Apple's stack puts a shadow on fan items, so I added it to Stack Docklet. The shadow is stored in DockletsStackDockletImagesShadow.png if someone has a better shadow or just wants to customize it.

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I'm using StacksDocklet over RocketDock at work since.... this afternoon.

I have a strange issue : icons are not showing in stacks.


Some of the items are shortcuts, others are plain .EXE, but the result is the same. No icons. But the links are functionnal.

Moreover, I have another problem : TrayStack and TaskStack doesn't seem to work either... only showing up the "Open Folder" shortcut.


As far as I know, they're supposed to generate some stuff in "DockletsTask" and "DockletsTray" directories but they remain empty. :/

Any idea ?

Windows 2000 SP4

RocketDock 1.3.5 portable edition


gdiplus.dll 5.1.3102.1360

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@ Matonga

dude thnx for the update. very cool fix's. i really like the hide open folder change, tho you cant see the icon the space is still there. i click on the blank area and the folder opens. is there a way to completely remove it? thnx!


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Okay, well I have vista, and a partitoned HD, I made two folders on the second for programs and games (D:/Games and such). Well whenever I turn off my computer and turn it back on, it gets reset. Bot the icon and the path are deleted, but it still show the name if I hover over it.


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I love this docklet. I've been using it for so long I can't remember how I lived without it. It's so convenient.

Just one thing though, is there a way to resize the icons? my highest screen resolution is 1024x768 so it tends to get a little cramped. I'm comfortable with editing the .dll if I need to

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