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Stacks Docklet

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Ok, just thought I make a list of what comes to my mind I´d like to be implemented.

This is nothing you should be offended about (i love your work), just a little brainstorming:

-ajustable icon size

-ajustable number of icons in fan view

-the small arrow in grid mode

-the new, old tiger grid mode

-ajustable speed mode




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Hi Matías, its great to see you're still around.

I think you didnt see my previous post...

So what I just found was that using your docklet on Vista, if you point a stack to a Search folder (wich are virtual folders containing the results of a user's search, refreshed on real time), it creates the stack well but when clicked it shows no items.

I really think that fixing that issue StacksDocklet would become an ultimate tool to put explorer aside, because of the resulting posibility to access those useful lists of results that are kept up-to-date by themselves.

Hope you find it interesting and worthy to try!


Previously Matonga said that resizing icons would not be implemented because of the complexity of the process to do so. ;)

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It's not a bug, it's the way the docklet works. Those are virtual folders and aren't supported by Stacks Docklet (yet) (support planned but have no time now).


Check if opening shortcuts from the stack works before and after installing that program. It's been reported that when these program which remove shortcut overlays are installed, sometimes shortcuts won't open anymore from the stack.

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Hi Matonga/AlexS

I cannot notice any kind of problems with Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover and your program or others, it works very well.

To AlexS I cannot recreate the problems you have with pointing a stack to a Search folder on Vista 64 bit however, the Search function has change in Vista SP1 which I am on and it seems to work.

If you want to try/test Vista SP1 v.744 see here:



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hey matonga, you said that u wont get the doubleclick and open folder function not to work. i hav a great idea about this.

use the middlemousebutton to open the folder instantly. ...... . tada... ;)

i would like this way muuuuuch more, than the shift-solution.

what do the other users think about this?

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If you mean what to do with your link, it's well explained. If there's something not clear just ask.

If you mean my comment, well I get to think what do I make out of developing this docklet. :)

I meant the second - by the way in tc forum the advise against using tc as a complete explorer replacement


PS: Che, donde en Argentian estás?? En Capital??

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Link is broken for download.

Hello, hope you are all well.

A great thank you to the progammer, Matonga for this little application and i am glad to see it is being improved upon as needed. It has made my dock much more neater and conversly so too my desktop. It is a simple program that does a simple job but which is very usefull, though i am sure it is not simple too program.

Yet i would like to point out that the link is broken for the download and i have no back up of it.

Erm sadly i crashed my computer while trying to dual boot with vista and ubuntu yesterday evening..... sadly i am not a good "programmer" and it has taken me up till now coming back from work to get vista up and running again to my liking with the vista updates as expected from MS increasing my memory usage but now i have a messy dock.

Please can you kindly rectify the download link as soon as possible and i promise not try to dual boot again.

Again a thank you in advance for all the hard work and time.

Incase anyone is wondering I got the stack program to work fine in Vista Home Premium with ObjectDock.

Now i must be too bed


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Thanks for your tip, i'm surprised to know MS finally released the SP1 (wich I was waiting for so long). I was about to install it to see if that made search folders to work with stacks docklet...

But then I read that this Release Candidate to Vista's SP1 was an evaluation and might be used until Jan 30th. Also it said that when SP1 were released I will have to uninstall to install final version so...

I think that final SP1 release might be here soon so I rather wait a little more.

Anyway its good to hear that stacks work well with search folders for you.


Great Matías!

Hopefully you will have a little time soon to improve the almost un-improvable!

(Bueno, no se si sea correcta esa expresión en inlgés asi que... Espero que encontrés tiempo libre pronto para que mejores lo casi inmejorable!)

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Read this entire thread it has been answered many times for people who get into the last of the thread instead of reading it from the beginning. I don't mean to be rude but because people don't read everything, this thread seems to run in circles. You will find that it is a problem with the version of RKLauncher you are using and there is no fix Matonga can do for it.

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Hello there my name is Maria. I just started using vista home edition on my laptop and ive been trying to use the stack docklet with rocket dock, but everytime i reboot my pc the stack icons in my bar are gone. I checked all the threads on the forum but i cant find anyone with same problem. Someone said something about vista security that dosnt let other programs save stuff on C: so i just put it on a diff partition of the disk but the problems still there someoen know how can i fix this?

PD: i know little about pcs so plz explain in baby steps. Thanks

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