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Inconsistent Theme Colors

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OK. So I have this theme here, Leopard Glass 3

OK. So in his/her screenshots, all colors are consistent. In my friend Dans shots, its consistent. We all use the same theme.

Now when I use it, this is what I get:


I don't know what may be causing this. Do any of you know a better theme?

Also, I don't think its styler, becuase all my apps are like that, with the menubar (File, Edit, etc.)

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hmm... weird.

We both use the same WB theme leopard glass 2/3 and styler theme by neodesktop/2smoke, but i don't have your problems. Check your WB settings since it has options to change the color. For styler, it also has options to change the colors...make sure it's running under TB mode if you're not using it for anything else.

Regarding your FF theme vs. your WB desktop theme, you can either live with the FF theme color presets or you can edit them to match your desktop colors via css/chrome edit etc etc

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@kinsemon -

I tried it, and it didn't do anything.


I bet its because I have the demo. Some things I cannot do with the demo are:

Skin non-theme aware programs

Skin unsigned per pixel skins

Change color/hue/brightness on the fly

Change toolbar icons of IE and Explorer

Change progress animations

Skin scrollbars and toolbar icons

Could this cause my problem?


Ahhhh, perfect.

With a quick purchase of WindowBlinds 6, my theme is beautiful now.


EDIT: Ooops, didn't mean to double post. VERY SORRY!

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