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Delstar MP3 player

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My Grandson got a Delstar MP3 player 801 and I've lost the disk to it that puts the program on the computer. I have look and look for a site to download the program from and can not find any site for Delstar.... I had to restore my comp and I lost the progrm when I did this.Thanks

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It was working fine and it's saying disk error... So I thought I try to download the program again just to trouble shoot... When you plug it in it shows up in J drive which is my USB port but nothing else.. I have looked all over the internet for delstar drivers and I can't even find the delstar company.. It's like it a secret... I have misplace the disk somewhere and can't seem to find it. I will probally will end up and get him something else. But it won't be a delstar because you can't find nothing on them... Thanks for you reply.. I was beginning to wonder if i would get a reply.

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I bought the 801 for my 8 yr old granddaughter's birthday today. Initially it showed up on my Mac G5 and i transfered some pics successfully. It wouldn't take music or video but I put that down to lockout by iTunes. Now it won't appear on the Mac desktop at all.

We have a Windows XP also. You can see the video (from a Canon camera) and music files in the removable disc window but when I disconnect the Delstar (as instructed) it says there are no music or video files.

We consider she is too young for an iPod video and I really wanted this to fill the gap temporarily.

Any suggestions may avoid her disappointment.

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