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Spaces and two Monitors

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I am currently thinking of purchasing a second monitor. It is going to be an HP w2007 (20"). Does anyone know how Spaces will work with two monitors? If it is possible could he/she post a video on YouTube or whatever so I can see what happens... Could I set space 1 for the Main Monitor and Space 2 for the screen on my MacBook?

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They will just work like 1 big monitor (except for the cut parts ;) )

I'll make it simple : Monitor 1 is on space 1 , monitor 2 is on space 1, monitor 1 is on space 2 : monitor 2 is on space 2.


That's how spaces look on an dualmonitor setup


Also, kinda scary how (I'm assuming) we both have the same 1280x800 with a hooked up 1680x1050 screen setup. I have them arranged in the exact same manner. Pretty cool, +5 points for you.

Also, yeha, why on earth would you want to ditch the ability to drag between windows? Are you nuts? That's the whole point of having multiple screens!!

Not to mention, put a window someplace on a 1680x1050 near the edge and switch to a smaller screen, the window will be in a different place than where you originally put it, and when you switch back, you'll have to spread everything out all over again. You're trying to do something that makes no sense.

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It's not 1280x800 but 1024x768 , you weren't that far from the reality ;) (maybe 1280x1024 soon)

+5 for you using dual screens in the same arrangement.

And, with dual screen, I don't use spaces much, I only use it when I don't turn my second screen on (it's old and makes an horrible noise). You can't switch spaces before hitting the edge of the end of the desktop (did I mention "of the" ?), As I said, it's like a big desktop, you have to hit the edge of the screen space for it to change.

Plus think about something : With spaces, you can select the application and switch to it's spaces clicking the dock icon. Let's say on Space 2 (internal screen) and space 3 (2nd screen) you have iChat windows. If you would like to switch to iChat, you would click it's icon, having the two monitors changing spaces. I think it would be pretty annoying and killing the dual monitor concept.

Something like "the screen you clicked on for getting iChat will be the one to switch" isn't a solution.

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