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Quick Look for Windows

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I'm looking for Quick Look for Windows


The best alternative is Irfanview skinned with Cold windowblinds theme by *mrrste


The problems:

1) can't remove close, min icons from skin and change for real Quick Look close button. requires better knowledge of stardock skinstudio which I don't have.

2) don't know how to remove that white stripe near the border


3) can't add fullscreen button to Irfanview (there is no such a button in Irfanview's toolbar)

and can't put toolbar to the center bottom

If someone of you guys has already solved one of these problems or got that kind of Irfanview Quick look theme, please help us.

P.S.: There is a guy or girl (FoneBone2k) who is making his own way of getting Quick Look for windows.


Unfortunately it is still under construction.

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can someone please create one, integratd into a os x 10.5 finder interface, also with coverflow?????
apple did it's called leopard finder 10.5 is leopard quicklook is on the space bar if you have tiger (10.4)

apple has something too:

it's called a update to leopard

sorry but I don't know enything else

O and for windows look at this:


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