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Move the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons to the left for free!

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Now you can move the Minimize, Maximize, and the Close buttons to the left for Free with LeftSider! This is a great program for people who like to emulate Mac OS X on their Windows PC without using WindowBlinds.

LeftSider works for Windows XP and Windows Vista. No installation is required.

LeftSider for Windows XP/Windows Vista 32bit


LeftSider for Windows Vista 64bit


LeftSider was made by a Japanese person who thought it was a great idea to do this. The official website is listed below:




Just in case if the link goes down or if you just can't seem to download LeftSider from the website directly, you can use these mirror links below:

LeftSider for Windows XP/Windows Vista 32bit (Mirror Link)


LeftSider for Windows Vista 64bit (Mirror Link)


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I've posted some Mirror Links just in case if people are having trouble downloading LeftSider directly from the website or if the official links goes down.

Thanks, this might be useful next time I use Windows.

Also its a japanese fellow who did it...

Thanks for clearing that out vkeios.

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