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iPhoto NOT bundled?

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You will need to roll back your install back to the original Tiger OS X from the install disc supplied with your system.

This installation will load the system files back including iPhoto. You will then need to update Leopard using the update disc supplied by Apple.....

Follow the prompts and documentation carefully, because you CAN keep the peripheral Tiger apps with your update as opposed to doing a complete (clean) install.

If your Leopard is fully configured and you don't want to uninstall and reinstall Tiger, then you might prefer to purchase a new iLife disc and install from there...

Not an easy question to answer because there are no real short-cuts - as far as I am aware

Good luck

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Noo you don't need to roll back !

The "Install Bundeled Software" icon is there for something.

Make sure you have teh 2 Tiger cd that looks like that : (may vary, I know that with an iMac, they are grey)

Tiger CD

Put the CD 1 into the Mac

That window should appear.

Open "Install Bundeled Software Only"

That window should appear.

Click next, select where you want to install it ...

Now it should say that it's ready to install. Don't continue ! Click the "Customize" button instead.

The button you should click (Sorry, crappy Photoshop job xD)

Now select the packages you want to install. (If it's not unchecked, you should not select iTunes unless you want an downgrade ^^)

Software Selection

Continue the installation, insert CD 2 when asked, and BOOM you have iLife on Leopard without downgrading ! :D


PS : If you lost CD 1 and are an somewhat advanced user, use Pacifist on CD 2.

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