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A lot of skins, theme packs, etc. Come with fonts. If you just have a look around you can probably find it, but just from memory I think close ones are;

Lucida Grande (If you find the rigth copy :P -- there are altered version to look more like the mac rendered one, I think...)

and Lucida Mac (More accurate when viewed on a PC, but it can look crappy in small sizes, bad graphics cards, etc.)

The truth is Lucida Grande is the most accurate, however Windows renders the font completely different to how Apple does. If you can find a way to render your font to be like Apple's on a PC, then congrats; use Lucida Grande as your font and you'll be fine; but, although it would be possible, I haven't heard on anybody who has done it yet.

Good luck finding those fonts.

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I had LucidagrandeBold font it looks best. But after reinstalling OS I lost it. If anyone still have this font help! @^_^)

And yes "Lucida G" and "Lucida Gr" r close to it. Thanks virstulte for the Link. 8)


All all font in this pack this is so coolio... :)

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