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Safari 3.04 - Change Toolbar Buttons

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With the release of the latest version of Safari for Windows, Apple decided to remove the Aqua toolbar buttons.

I have a mac at work and was able to get the image resource files for the aqua toolbar buttons. (which are just .tif files on the mac) I brought them home but can't figure out which resource to hack.

I tried using ResHacker to find the toolbar image files, but no luck.

I really want the aqua buttons back.... ;)

Anybody have any suggestions?

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It's leopard now,why don't you D/L the previous/old/aqua version
I dont want the previous version, it has too many bugs.

DZGH_Operator: Yeah, I saw that too. I'm hoping that maybe someone can tell me how change those.

Anybody know of another program like Reshacker that might work better for this?

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