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Website that looked like a Mac

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Once upon a time here, an Aqua-Soft member had a website where the interface to the website was a pretty good imitation of a Mac desktop.

It was someone well-known but I can't think of the person or site right now because it's been so long.

Does anyone remember who and/or where the site is if it still exists?

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You may/may not be talking about me and my website http://osx.portraitofakite.com.

The site was down for a good few months at least and I FINALLY took the time to bring it back up just a few days ago.

For anyone else that is interested no I am not dead and I do have plans to pick up the FlyakiteOSX project soon.

I knew you're still in here,but I thought you won't continue the Flyakite,so anyway what is your next project ?,Make Leopard,I hope so,do you know how many people using it/download,tx

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