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Want a .mac email account?


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Hey guys, after much debate I went and paid for .mac services.

I can say... WOW!

completely seamless with my macbooks.

I'm very impressed with the email service as well

But i can see why alot of people stray away from the .mac services because of the price.

It's worth every penny...

N e way, if you want a .mac email address i can add you for $10.00 a year, that's the base price of adding an email account, so no profit gain here... (PayPal, I guess. It's safe for you) I don't want any trouble.

If your like me, I've been trying for years to get my hands on one. It's the ultimate additive to the mac on windows look. Just sets that mac presence.

N e way, let me know...

Update: 11-6-07

I've already setup 6 accounts, out of the 10 I'm able to have...

I have 4 left.

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