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Looking for lightweight music player!

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There are a lot of lightweighting music players out there, for example:

- musikCube: http://www.musikcube.com/

- Evil Player: http://www.hakeem.gigahost.dk/

Personally, I use iTunes and I'm really satisfied with it. I used Winamp for many years, but switched to iTunes 2 years ago.

I also have tested a lot of other players and if I'm in the same position as you, then I would either use foobar2000 or musikCube.

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I don't know if VLC would be the best choice, I find it to also have as heavy of a footprint as iTunes or WMP. It may not, really, but it feels like it. It's more of a video player.

Sorry, I haven't used any others, except for iTunes (me is purist). And I haven't used a Winamp version since version 2, and before AOL bought them out; when it was good.

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+1 for musikcube. Extremely lightweight and fast databasing. Takes about a 1 and a half synchronize the database to the drive with well over 8000+ songs. Takes roughly only 3-4 minutes for a fresh database.

WMP is closer to 10-15 and iTunes was a dog at it...after 10 minutes and only a quarter of the way through, I gave up. And this isn't an ancient computer either...

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+1 for foobar2000. It's extremely lightweight, has great sound, and the new default UI of 0.9.5 beta is a HUGE step forward - it's no longer totally unusable and ugly out of the box! And if you so wish, there's still Panels UI to make it very, very pretty. Syncs flawlessly with iPods too. It's perfect.

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Husaini HB

yes. it is a product by Russian developers. And you know what, it has been done by a very small group of people who happened to be smarter enough to make it really cool from the very beginning.

it is 100% free

There is an english version http://www.aimp.ru/index.php?newlang=english

I wouldn't recommend AIMP. After I installed it and ran an anti-spyware software, I got a warning message that I have a spyware module installed inside its exe or its dir. I'm not sure now. I used XenAntiSpyware and AIMP was downloaded from the official website.

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